Z Smith is better than Mack


Change my mind…

Mack and Z Smith have the similar skill sets as outside rushers and play the same way. However Mack has to rely on the people around him to make a big impact, like he is a one man team. Z Smith can make a big impact without anyone, Preston Smith has benefited the most from Z Smith being double and triple teamed. Z smith is not a one trick pony, he plays anywhere and makes an impact. He can line up as a ILB, DE, DT, OLB.


I think Gute hit a home run with Smith, Smith, and Gary. Gary is playing more and got a legit sack, Packer fans won’t let go of Watt, but by passing on the Mack trade they got the Smiths, Gary, Savage and will be able to sign Clark. Someone needs to remind me why Gute has been given full GM powers?

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Mack is not as good as either Smith


Mack is overrated… I didn’t like that trade. You are right ProBowls are increasingly a joke. The Smiths deserved to go, in my view, Rogers through 14 doesn’t.


Rodgers is a shadow of what he used to be.