Would the Patriots OC be a good replacement for MM?


Once Moss was announced associate head coach by McCarthy it was like the old movie No Time for Sargents when the Character played by Andy Griffin was given the title Permanent Latrine Orderly.


Ok. No kidding. No Time for Sergeants is my ALL TIME favorite Movie. As a Country Bumpkin myself, I Love that movie.

Really glad Moss is gone. His Tweet while possibly having plenty of truth in it is not the type of message that needs to come from an Assistant Coach. Those interviews he gave during the Summer sounded the alarm on him and glad it was finally answered.


McCarthy made mistakes trying to make people happy and created positions that were not needed and redundant causing chaos. Moss is just one.


I just don’t like that choice. There is a level of diplomacy and engaging others required in a head coach, and I think he tends to make enemies of many people that he works with.

I listed 10 candidates elsewhere, and I’ll re-post the list here:
John DeFilippo, Pete Carmichael, Bill Lazor, Todd Monken and Matt LeFleur were the NFL OCs.
Pat Fitzgerald, Mike Leach, David Shaw, Matt Campbell and Lincoln Riley were the college HCs.
I’m somewhat interested in Eric Bienemy as well, but he is only in his first year as OC for KC, so it’s probably too early for him.

I agree with Fox’s point about making up positions, both the coaching and scouting arms had that problem.


2 more rumored to be on list, neither of which to me appear right for the job. Remember these have varied sourcing, and clearly Gute and Murphy have enemies with all kinds of motives. The latest two rumored Matt Campbell Iowa State coach and Mike Shanahan I see as bad for this particular job.


Mike Shanahan would be a Bizarre-o-World candidate?


Apparently, Harbaugh is a much stronger candidate in GB and Cleveland than we might have thought. That too is out there. It probably has some legs.


There is a strong, strong tie between Murphy, Gute and Harbaugh. That is Jed Hughes at Korn Ferry. Not even considering whether it would be a good choice, the Jed Hughes factor gives some credibility to this rumor and whispers.


What is not being reported is that McCarthy is the strongest candidate for Cleveland.


Seen that he is speculated there to be a candidate.


Rumors were that the Browns front office was willing to give compensation for him at the end of the season as they already have a good relationship with him.


I don’t necessarily disagree, but I guess i’m on the fence here. I always believed this had at least a two-fold purpose. One was that McCarthy liked to cross-train everyone and didn’t like the conventional titles that lumped guys into one role. Two, he wanted to help his guys climb the ladder to be coaches elsewhere if the opportunity presented itself. I’m not positive on either assumption, but that’s my opinion.


I believe that he said that publicly, but there were rumors of discontent among the coaches too and this was done after that had been reported.