Would the Patriots OC be a good replacement for MM?


It seems like he has always got his offenses ready and innovated. MM had several tricks in his bag and it became the norm for him and others schemed for it.


I actually was going to write a post tonight with that as an idea if MM were to end up in Cleveland. It would be tough to pull off because the Patriots will go deep into the Playoffs. I’m not suggesting we replace MM. However if we miss the Playoffs it’s probably worth talking about.

Cleveland, Dorsey, a young team, a young exciting QB would all be potentially rejuvenating for MM.

Aaron Rodgers and a young, aggressive GM would I think be enticing to Josh McDaniel, and would also reinvigorate Rodgers I would think. McDaniels is innovative and creative with his play calling.

It could potentially be beneficial for everyone involved…except the Patriots.


Hell no! He can draw up a good trick play, but he’s not the kind of guy you want as your Head Football Coach. In case you forgot, this past offseason he accepted the HC job in Indy, but on the day he was supposed to sign the contract he backed out. He also had a head coaching stint in Denver that was less than stellar.


The minute the NE job opens up he’s gone; plus he doesn’t inspire much trust after the crap he pulled with Indianapolis. I would love the OC from Minnesota (John DeFilippo) personally.


Yeah, it would be a big blow to a division rival. But it looks like they are heading for the post season too.


Bill Belichick’s first NFL Coaching position in Cleveland, he went 36-44 over 5 years, and had 4 losing seasons out of 5. He had to go back to an assistant role for 5 years. And then when he re-emerged at NE he went 5-11 in his first year there. He was 41-55 to start his career as a HC. Then he won a Super Bowl and then went 9-7 in 2002. Since then he has had 16 consecutive double digit win seasons

I don’t hold any of McDaniels’ Denver HC experience against hdim. He was 33 when he was hired there. Now he’s had 8 years back with Belichick. The 33 year old version of McDaniel no longer exists. The 42 year old version of McDaniel is totally different than when he was 33

The Colt thing last year not withstanding, I can’t see McDaniel not being ready for his 2nd stint as a HC


I wasn’t sure where to put this, but here seems like as good a spot as any. I visited ESPN this morning and the first thing I see is the Power Rankings which now have the Saints at #1. Sean Payton was a popular choice among the fans when McCarthy was hired. His team looks like a legitimate Superbowl contender this year. However, despite having Drew Brees as his QB his teams have missed the Playoffs 6 times (once when he was suspended for the year following “bounty-gate”). During the Playoffs he is 7-5 with one Superbowl title.

McCarthy’s teams have missed the Playoffs three times. His first year when Thompson was in full rebuild mode. Once during Rodgers rookie season, and again last year with a backup QB. It very well could happen for a 4th time this year which would be the lowest point of McCarthy’s coaching era. McCarthy’s teams are 18-10 in the Playoffs with a Superbowl victory. Noone in New Orleans is calling for Payton’s head right now, but of course they were in most of those 5 non-qualifying years that he was their coach.

The point is, everyone but the Patriots have these up and down years. A lot of what we are seeing now is the fact that we had 3 consecutive years of poor drafts. Our O-line has no quality depth. We have no true pass rushers. We are playing 2 young WR’s due to injuries. Rodgers has been playing on a bad knee since week 1. And yet we went toe to toe with 2 of the best teams in this league on the road. We are really close to where we need to be, it’s just been a year where the bounces haven’t gone our way.

In my opinion those calling for McCarthy’s job are completely void of perspective. He has his faults for sure But having Rodgers doesn’t guarantee we are a Superbowl team. Joe Montana was the best of his time and he didn’t win it every year. Drew Brees, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Steve Young, John Elway… the list goes on. But you know… we are self entitled Packers fans and by God we should win it every year and if we don’t then i’m calling for the Coaches head… or so it seems.

(Edit: added first year details.)


Great Post. I agree with all of it.

I think for me the HC becomes an issue “IF” MM were to bolt for Cleveland or anywhere else. That’s what’s been rumored of late because John Dorsey is in complete control of the HC search there and he has a long history with MM. If MM were to leave GB there are a lot of reasons Cleveland would be attractive including an up and coming QB.

I can’t see us letting MM go for all the reasons you state. But you never know with a new GM particularly if there appears to be a guy coming available that the GM just loves, combined with the Packers ending up with say 8 wins or less.

We finally have a good Defense. Nobody figured we would be 3-4-1 with a better defense. But if we throw up a 6-2 to finish the season, this becomes somewhat moot. 9-6-1 could be anything from a Division Winner to WC, to missing the Playoffs all together. But it would be finishing with some momentum, and that’s what we want either way going into 2019.


Right now, McCarthy is signed through 2019, he can’t just “bolt” unless the packers decide he should.

For MM to go to Cleveland we’d either have to 1) Fire him or 2) Trade him. Now, that DOES bring up an interesting idea. What if we trade MM to Cleveland?? Would that be worth it?

I DO like McCarthy, I feel he is clearly an above average coach and has proven he can win a Super Bowl. I also feel though that the offense has gotten stale. I was hoping bringing Philbin back would help fix that, but it didn’t… Some change needs to happen on offense, maybe it is just a change at OC or letting the OC have more control instead?


If we want a good head coach for next year, we will likely have to wait a majority of the playoffs out… worth the wait in my opinion.


Remember there’s candidates which don’t get a lot of attention. Remember McCarthy was one of them and look how he turned out until he got too long in the tooth.


Excellent point. Lombardi and Walsh were long term assistants that finally got a shot and we see what happened. It all depends on who makes the decision. I think this is where Siverstein’s piece is so on cue… there are some late 40ish AC’s who Gute may well have run into both in pro and college circles who fit well here. That said, is really tough to even guess if Murphy hands full powers and if either would fire him. My guess remains either way they will let him finish his 2019 last year, not that I think that is good. It’s s big factor too how Gute sees this FA and draft.


The further we go here, the more and more I feel McCarthy is gone after this year.


Currently the Packers are #11 in the draft as it stands right now. Bet the Raiders front office is feeling dumb.


Of course, chances are if we had Mack on our roster, we would not be 4-6-1. I can easily see wins coming at home against the Vikes, at the Rams, at Seattle. Possibles, at NE. So with Mack I figure we are probably 7-4 right now.

Also, if MM goes, Josh McDaniel I’m sure will receive strong consideration. The name is too enticing not to at least kick the tires on. I’m sure that’s a guy that would be very comfortable leaving Pettine in place also.

A new guy would have to be one that energized AR and McDaniel is one that would definitely do that. I’m sure there are some other under the radar guys that may be good choices but the McDaniel bell rings pretty loud.


He went back to the Patriots because he was told he was the heir to the Kingdom and would have Brady. Brady is older than Rodgers and technically Rodgers is the better actual QB.


Belichick failed in his first job too. That said, I think McDaniel is a high risk high reward prospect. That Colts debacle sure looked flaky.



just what they need, the toxic dumpster fire known as Winston Moss spewing, he should have been fired years ago.


He was given a fake title Associate Head Coach by McCarthy to keep him happy. Now he thinks he should be Head Coach now that McCarthy is gone.