Worst contract for all 32 NFL teams


From Sporting News
by Jason Fitzgerald

26 Green Bay Packers: Randall Cobb, WR
$4 years, $40 million, $13 million guaranteed

Contracts that are still valid after for years typically are not bad, but Cobb has not lived up to his $10 million-per-year deal. His numbers have fallen from close to 1,300 yards per season to the 650-yard range. His stats are closer to those of a low-level No. 2 receiver who should earn around $6 million per season.
PACKERS at #26 Hope Cobb brings his “A” game this season.


I wasn’t a fan of that contract. But understood it. He’s hurt a lot. I was hoping Jordy was going to have a better year his second year coming off of the ACL. Have to see how he does with the Raiders. Cobb needs to step it up and stay on the field. With his size and injury history I don’t know.


Jordy’s contract made this list also;

20 Oakland Raiders: Jordy Nelson, WR
2 years, $14.2 million, $10 million guaranteed
The Raiders did not need to gamble on a 33-year-old wide receiver who seemingly fell off a cliff last season when he caught 53 passes for just 482 yards. Nelson has had a great career playing with Aaron Rodgers, but rarely do these stories have happy endings. The Raiders might have given him a little more than just a retirement gift.


Last year with the Pack was a horror story for receivers. Horrible passing including the one game Rodgers came back. Jordy specifically looked bad in that game with dropped balls not getting seperation. A key I think to his being let go.
Cobb IMO could still be good if Aaron returns to form.
I don’t think it’s certain he will. His reduction in arm strength might be permanent. I know we can count on him for preparation but that might not be enough.
If the injury does reduce that strength, he’ll have to deal with the spirit being willing but the body not which could lead to more than his usual mistakes. like the Car game.


When Rodgers was out, I think we saw the real skill of the receivers. Adams was still clearly a top-tier talent and Cobb was good (not great), while Nelson was nowhere to be seen. That is why Nelson, not Cobb, was cut, imho.

I agree, with the article overall, Cobb is probably the worst contract on the team, but I like that contract better than the alternatives.

Note: As bad as Hundley was, Adams was still #1 in the NFL in 3rd and 4th down rating and Cobb was 7th - https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-top-nfl-wrs-on-money-downs