Winston Moss has another tension filled press conference


This is starting to become habit. Maybe he is sick of doing them being asked the same questions or has some real personal issues starting to show. The question is how it affects the team. Hopefully the attitude is not infectious to the locker room.


Toxic and even more bizarre than the earlier PC. Just Wow…


Hoping that he is coaching good and just tired of the BS Media asking the same questions over and over… Like Lynch did.


I’ve given this a little more thought.

First, no reason really justifies him behaving like that. Clearly he is upset about something. Probably his perception he has been passed over. But all this is make it less likely anyone would hire him. Communication is a big part of the job for a coach. And he is really embarrassing himself on social media.

Second, while the media can be really aggressive in big markets, by in large over the years I think the media has been very fair to Packer personnel and even at times apologists.
Look at all the thing we now know about BF we had little idea of when he played. And if Moss is acting like this on GB imagine what the big media would do to him.

Finally, football is a team sport. Compare how Moss is behaving to the behavior and message they are communicating. Time will tell just how good or bad his attitude is. Today, I think it sends the wrong message to everyone. There was no visible reason for him to behave like that. We’ll see if he gets beyond this…


He’s as good as out the door, imo. I’ve seen this question elsewhere, and posters seem to be split along two lines.
One side says it doen’t matter at all, it isn’t an important part of his job. A molehill made into a mountain.
The other side (the one I’m on) says this is unacceptable behaviour towards the press, and is an indicator of serious conflict within the coaching staff.

I have said elsewhere (and repeat it here) that Moss’s days are numbered as a result of his behaviour. Maybe not right now, since it would be an awful time to bring in a new coach, but he will not be a Packers coach in 2019.


That last paragraph could be part of the problem. You have Pettine the DC which probably is an issue, Whitt now Pass Defense Coordinator, and Graham ILB Run Game Defense Coordinator. Graham could easily assume Moss role, without the Associate tag. Ultimately the could like hire an assistant LB coach and Quality control guy at less money than Moss and have none of the potential issues that could be coming.

Moss has time off to think, they probably ought to give him a little more, and if he can’t come back without the attitude and potential problems, put him on paid leave until the end of the year, he has a change of heart, or just move on…


Maybe he is ticked off that he isn’t the DC?


The questions asked by the reporters are actually very good questions. They are fair and reflective of what followers of the Packers, and any team for that matter have come to expect from these type of weekly events.

I think the first PC from a few weeks back…okay, chalk it up to a bad day. Don’t make a big deal about it. But now, that it is happening again, this now has to be addressed directly. You can’t just stand there and in response to a question which asks about Vince Biegel, how is he progressing, what he does well, and what he needs to work on, answer, “Vince works hard every day” and leave it at that.

Any time the Coach is being critiqued for his comments or lack there of, instead of the players he’s being asked about, is a bad thing.


I really like this board. Hope it stays like this. Great knowledge and thought expressed here, very honorably done.

FP I agree with all your thoughts here. I think there is no rational explanation for Moss doing this a second time I have never thought of Moss as a great talent developer. He has seemed to work at times more effectively with lower end talent. I always got the sense he and Hawk had issues and it had some impact on Hawk. Clearly he has multiple opportunities to interview for HC jobs. Something has to be missing. I don’t have any inside info, just know that his interview with the Rams when they were in StL was described as really poor. What we know for certain is McCarthey has turned away from him twice for the DC job. We don’t know if or how many times he has interviewed for the DC job elsewhere.

That all said, by acting like that he hurts himself for the future and the group he coaches. I agree again, the questioner was very fair and humble in the way he asked the question.

I get that people hold the “media” in low esteem, but across the country local print and wired community tend to be more fair and closer to those they write for. They have very little in common with cartoon like national media. The problem here is really Winston’s attitude and approach to the media. He would appear to be burning bridges…


One more thing. I have to give Mike McCarthey credit here, in general he has the Pittsburgh blue collar mentality which tends to be very loyal. Unless Moss blows the bridge up, not sure MM would send him packing. Who amongst us would not want to work for or with someone who was very loyal? That said based on performance and his actions I wouldn’t have kept him several years ago.


He kept Capers for years.


It’s been said on other sites that when you see a thing like this, you are only seeing the tip of things. There is a great big iceberg of surly anger/discontent/disappointment (at whatever it is causing this) underneath it.

McCarthy has shown he is generally loyal to his guys when they come under fire, but the other side of that coin is inaction, when action is absolutely what is required (as Fox said above, see Capers for inaction over too long a period).

Just as only key players can get away with repeatedly doing stupid stuff (like say, Terrell Owens), the same might apply to coaches. Is Moss really that good a coach that this stuff can be swept under the mat…his record suggests not.


If you look just at this off-season he fired a lot of folks. I honestly don’t know if Capers just lost it, or Ball and Thompson had increasingly made a mess. Probably a little of both. I was very surprised they fired Trgovic, he seemed someone who had earned some loyalty.

I do always view Campen as protected, although I guess when you start lower picks and sfa, you earn some chips. I just don’t see much to Moss and frankly haven’t, to me when Greene left Moss was even worse. I keep seeing Graham as the Lb coach and Moss has is the same odd man out, no real role…

You make a great point in the past we haven’t known as much because they don’t talk much. I think Gute will be different and already is. I can’t remember who but someone did a good piece, where he was surprised he did have full GM powers, actually over the coach. So maybe he will move to get some of the reins. He is far more open and straightforward.


I went to the game in Seattle the year the Packers won the SB in ‘96. It was in the Kingdome and Green Bay gave the Hawks a bare-butt spanking.

Suddenly, there was this HUGE interruption in play. Seemed like a fight on the field went on and on. Watching at home, you would never had known because they cut to commercial. But at the game it just seemed like it would never stop. Somebody got worked up and kept going after players non-stop.

Here it was a Seattle LB named Winston Moss. Hot head just wouldn’t quit. There’s a reason he’s interviewed so many times and never been hired elsewhere. Loyalty is one thing. But having a coach with a disposition like that and letting him coach such young, impressionable players is loyal to the point of foolishness, imo. Moss needs to go. If he thinks Green Bay reporters are rough, go coach in NY or Philly. He’ll long for these guys!

MM needs to step up and stop such nonsense.


You are right. That is why Kevin Greene was the perfect coach before he left.


I would LOVE to see KG brought back to replace Moss! Totally agree!


Unfortunately Kevin Greene isn’t coming back, but he was the coach that lead Dom Capers defense (Not Capers).


Never understood why Greene left, whether it was mutual or he wanted more family time. Matthews has not been remotely close to the level Greene had him at. Hawk always seemed to love him. I thought he got 110 out of the LB crew.

I really get the sense you guys are really right on this.


I believe he said he needed more family time but… Who knows, it might have been an easy exit because of internal conflict.