Who would be your pick for Head Coach if McCarthy and the Packers part ways?


I would say Philben as he is the OC and Rodgers trusts him. He would be likely to keep Pettine as the defense is just being installed.


No to Joe. They can be sensitive to Rodgers without fighting fresh perspective. If they go offense must be both an innovator and someone who demands execution.

I would not predicate a coach based on keeping Pettine. Pettine is in a tough situation, but this is a team that right now is disorganized in all facets. Pettine needs right now needs to be on the sidelines.

While I have very real concerns about MM, my bigger concern is Murphy.


While I think MM needs to go, I don’t see it happening. MM has too much say, and to fire him only Murphy could make that call. No one is really in charge here, save Murphy. Unless and until Gute is given the GM powers MM is not going anywhere. Honestly, I think Ball and MM are higher on the Murphy order than Gute. There is no honeymoon for anyone across the media right now. I think this team is suffering from undue media expectation as a Sb contender and poor coaching and execution.


Joe would have to be it if it was during the season.


:+1:t2: I can buy that, but to can him say week 8 is even more unlikely than at all. It would take Rodgers and others publicly articulating they don’t respect him.

At the moment I think he very safe, even if we don’t think he should be…


Now the question is who available would be better? It is obvious that Murphy has McCarthy on a short leash.


You really think that? Murphy extended him through 2020 last year. And his added year I believe was in excess of 8 M…I hope your right, but I think MM has a longer rope as long as Murphy is there…


I should say 2019/Jan 2020…


I think he is on a prove it type of deal, Gute knows he past his prime and teams have figured him out offensively.


So you think now Gute has the final say on MM. I agree that MM has peaked in 2014 and can’t adjust. I think also he has an ego that makes him refuse the obvious. I just am not convinced though that Gute is in control of MM’s future…,

As to your question, while I just don’t see Murphy cutting the cord… two names to watch would be Matt LaFleur and Jim Schwartz. Wolf was crazy about Schwartz and he is well respected in NFL circles, but I would tend to think they would be more likely to go offense and LaFleur is an interesting name.


Gute wants his own guy and Murphy knows what the score is and forced McCarthy to make changes this past year.


I am not enough of a student of the NFL to know who the up and coming coordinators are. But with a high profile QB like Rodgers a first time head coach might not be the best answer. You probably want a retread who failed in his first go, but has re-established his reputation.

Schwartz sounds like that type of guy as I type it out. Reid would have been a dream kind of candidate.

But when you see guys like Pederson and McVay lighting things up it is hard not to want to take a chance on the next up and comer.


The Packers did pretty good with first timers, Mike Sherman had a lot of wins before he got long in the tooth and he had Brett Favre. Mike McCarthy did good for Favre too… McCarthy is paralleling Sherman except for the Super Bowl. Bad Defenses and all…


Something feels different about this team. While I never bought the hype that they were a sure fired SB contender, I didn’t expect what we are seeing either. MM seems completely divorced from reality and staff seems to have lost some of the team. They also aren’t putting young players in a position to win.

Now comes more trade mania. Seems many what the Packers to trade for Cooper or Joseph. I know there were media calls for Thomas before the injury. Just not sure with a staff who could get young players or players like Dix and Brice ready with an offseason, how the hell MM and his staff can get them ready in season.

I think MM has been tuned out. He has lost it. His core concepts are so tired and antiquated teams have him. I think his lack of attention to execution and detail are really tearing them apart. I still though don’t see Murphy allowing him to be fired. I hope they don’t make desperate trades in an attempt to satisfy MM. I think GB needs all their picks and needs to make some hard decisions on some of their own…