Who will be the new Starting Safety?

  • Jones
  • Whitehead
  • Williams
  • Other

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I think they will have a rotation for the next few weeks and then see who emerges. Have to believe Tramon has the edge right now.


I think it may ultimately end up being Breeland. He’s a little slow for a CB. Jones seems more like SS thumper to me.

But, either way I’m sure they have a plan. I’m confident they didn’t just say, “okay, let’s get rid of Ha Ha and then figure something out.”


Jones might be a thumper…but he has serious speed for someone at 220lbs (4.42 40 time). The big question is his instincts. The Packers don’t seem to trust him enough at the moment, but they may have to in future.

I’m guessing T.Williams will be the FS with J.Jones spelling him. The better J.J. plays, the more snaps he gets. There are other scenarios, like using Breeland Bashaud there (6’1", 195lb),but I like the J.J. scenario, as it gives him the reps to get better.

Jackson is another possibility. I’d rather see him at corner, but he really has a nose for interceptions, and that works better if you are looking at the QB.


Clinton-Dix was supposed to be a hitter too, but he rarely did that.


I’m just wondering why we signed Breelund? It can’t be to do much at CB. We’ve got Alexander, Jackson, and King as young, high draft picks. We signed Breelund a month ago and he hasn’t played yet. I just figure they could have been already considering trading Ha Ha before the deadline. Hard to keep anything a secret within a locker room. Therefore maybe Ha Ha got wind of it and made some of the “doubt I’ll be here next year” comments.

I guess we’ll see soon enough.


It’s official. Tramon will be the primary Safety in place of Ha Ha.