When are the padded practices?


They released a practice schedule but I don’t see when the pads go on.


Looks like they got to fully suit up yesterday.



Tuesday, 7/31 was a padded practice.

Was at TC yesterday. Jake Kumrow caught some nice passes. He was working work.

Unfortunately where we chose to sit didn’t have close-ups of a lot of activity. But what I could see when they scrimmaged was that Alexander had his nose in everything. He was tight against his receivers and was able to break up a couple of passes. The defense as a whole seemed to win their match-ups more than the offense.

Watched the QB’s trying to hit “The Basket” but the only one who came close…hit the rim a couple of times was Boyle. It will be interesting to see what they do with him.

Graham is a big dude and had no trouble catching passes from Aaron. Was quite surprised that M. Lewis is so big and tall. He looked about an inch taller than Graham.

Watched the OL go through their drills. Spriggs seemed to do ok from what I could see.

What surprised me the most was how much standing around the players did during the 1st hour. They did their stretches and then stood around listening to a coach or have the coach demonstrate what he wanted. The other thing was, when the defense was stretching Matthews seemed to kinda do his own thing. He didn’t stretch each move as long as the others did and always seemed to be ahead in the stretches that the strength and conditioning people were telling him what to do. Thought that was kinda interesting.

I don’t know how to post pictures or I would.

The practice lasted 3 hours since they quit early on Monday due to weather and they have today off…Man was it hot!!! I can’t imagine how hot the players were is pads.


Thank you for the update. :slight_smile:

Any word about the other young WR’s?


They seemed to be doing ok. But no one stood out from what I could see.

They ran several plays and then the QB’s would throw some passes. Every pass I saw was hotly contested.


Well that is a good sign for the defense. But it makes me wonder about the young WRs.


Thanks for the updates. Sounds like a fun day. Looking forward to this season.