Week 8


I didn’t get a thread for week 8, so I am submitting my picks this way. not sure what happened here.

Eagles @ Jaguars (winner: Eagles)
Broncos @ Chiefs (winner:Chiefs)
Browns @ Steelers (winner: Steelers)
Redskins @ Giants (winner:Giants)
Seahawks @ Lions (winner: Lions)
Bucs @ Bengals (winner: Bengals)
Jets @ Bears (winner: Bears)
Ravens @ Panthers (winner: Panthers)
Colts @ Raiders (winner: Colts)
49’ers @ Cardinals (winner: Cardinals)
Packers @ Rams (winner:Packers)
Patriots @ Bills (winner:Patriots)
Saints @ Vikings (winner: Saints)


Jeff started it this week.


I wasn’t sent one, and I looked again and didn’t find any. Do my picks I sent count