WAG on who succeeds from this draft


Just based on everything you have heard about the Packers draft picks, which ones do you think will be kept for 3 years or more ? Here’s my take

|2|(45) Josh Jackson|CB|Iowa KEEPER - LONG TIME STARTER
|3|(88) (from CAR) Oren Burks|LB|Vanderbilt KEEPER - LONG TIME STARTER
|4|((133 comp) J’Mon Moore|WR|Missouri No.4WR FOR 3 YEARS
|5|(138) Cole Madison|OL|Washington State KEEPER - LONG TIME STARTER
|5|(172 comp) JK Scott|P|Alabama KEEPER - LONG TIME STARTER
|5|(174 comp) Marquez Valdes-Scantling|WR|South Florida MIDDLING BUST MOSTLY A ST GUY
|6|(207, comp) Equanimeous St. Brown|WR|Notre Dame COMPLETE BUST
|7|(232) James Looney|DE|California BUST
|7|(239) Hunter Bradley|LS|Mississippi State STARTER WHILE HEALTH IS OK, HEALTH (KNEES) ENDS CAREER
|7|(248, from SEA) Kendall Donnerson|OLB|SE Missouri State ST MOSTLY, LASTS MORE THAN 3 YEARS ON TEAM

This seems absurdly optimistic. 5 long-term starter-level additions (Alexander, Jackson, Burks, Madison, Scott), one short-term starter (LS Bradley), one single-contract backup WR (Moore).

It doesn’t seem quite as wacky when you think of positions like LS and P being taken (if drafted, they are likely to be among the best that year, at their position). Donnerson is my late-round guy to stick because i think he has the best temperment to succeed between him, Moore, Valdez-Scantling, ESB, Looney (and like most picks, he has great measurables).

I guess it takes a long time to find out how close I am, but that’s my guess.


St. Brown is the most likely to succeed. He is smarter and more athletically gifted compared to the other two. Moore will make it due to his draft position VS will be a project. Allison is pretty much out the door with flashing and flat-lining.


ESB is very gifted athletically. I think his temperment will let him down. If he ‘wants it’ with enough determination, he could stick. If he coasts, like you can do in college (at least, you can if you have his physical gifts) he will be gone and forgotten about, 3 years down the road.

Do I want him to succeed ? Of course. He is a Packer, so how could you not hope he does well.


I agree with most of what you’ve stated with the following exceptions:
Burks will need to get bigger to be an every down player, but agree that he’s here to stay.
Moore to me will be a bust.
ESB will be a surprise and potential #2, he really graded out better than where he was drafted.


I agree that I think St. Brown will succeed. I don’t really understand why he dropped into the 6th round but more motivation for him.

I hope we have a couple of positive surprises like Kamara was for the Saints.

I also believe that Orin Burk will be successful. He is reported to be pretty intelligent and is picking up the playbook fairly quickly. It’s just a matter of whether he can put his learning into action.


I think unless he’s popped for dope or some other issue Allison makes it. I believe with the fragility of Cobb and the concussions with Adams, you can’t just pencil those guys to play every game. Moore and St Brown have a great chance. I think the holdovers not so much for a variety of reasons…The first 3 picks will be there for 3 years, beyond that is up to them. Interesting to me are the two defensive picks in 7.

Both Moore and St Brown are better than either Yancey or Davis. Don’t see either of those two making the team, unless they keep Davis as a returner…


He dropped because apparently he is very egotistical and takes plays off similar to Dez Bryant or Randy Moss.


I only know St. Brown from afar but if as you say he’s a little egotistical and takes plays off which speaks to entitlement, the he will have a short career with the Packers.

For a guy with his skill set to fall that far, obviously teams, INCLUDING the Packers identified red flags. I guess for the Packers, the 6th round was the place where the risk was minimal.

If not for the Packers he may not have been drafted at all. Even the Packers took 2 WRs ahead of him. There’s not an arbitrary reason for that.


I think dropping will humble him (It worked with Rodgers). Plus he was Kizers favorite target in College.


Moss had big issues and run through multiple schools. Bryant was raised by wolves, hate to be honest, but he pretty much was. St. Brown has a lot of what you can’t teach. Yep he’s different cat, but if ego were a crime, McCarthey would me serving a life sentence.

I’ve been watching the combine workouts over and over. St Brown and Moore are really more advanced over Valdez Scantling. Moore is a talent too, but he has some real behavior flags too.


I don’t think Burks’ size is really that big of an issue. This is a passing league now and his primary job will be to cover a TE or back out of the backfield. For those roles, speed is probably more important than size. He’ll probably still add a little mass without gaining losing much speed being in an NFL program, but overall I don’t really see it as a concern.

Yes, he isn’t your typical inside LB, but I don’t know that that is really what we’re wanting or looking for anymore.