Tyler Marz Inteview Re: LaFleur


Tyler Marz is a Titan’s OL. He answered some questions about Matt LaFleur. That part of the Podcast is just after the 17 minute mark. https://cheeseheadtv.com/blog/pack-a-day-podcast-episode-180-interview-w-titans-offensive-tackle-tyler-marz-132

Overall he was very complimentary of LaFleur.

Couple Snippets:
The way he calls plays makes our job as OL easier.
Titans missed some shot plays that were open, the plays were there and we just didn’t execute.
The offense is complex not easy to learn (receivers) with all the shifts and motion.
The play calls can be long or wordy.


Though the wordy play calls, etc. is the West Coast system in general. Walsh was always big on the play call not leaving anything to guess work, so it makes it very verbose. Not saying that is good or bad, just not any sort of change from what we’ve been doing already.


Take this for what it is worth his system, like McDaniels , is said to be more unique and less difficult than MM burden of a system. But yes, the bunching and motion is on the QB to get rid of the ball quickly and shake receivers clear horizontally not so much vertical and home run.

I have thought about this a lot. I am old enough to remember my uncle to take me to Packer practices and Lombardi screaming and so I rememer Walsh and the dynasty he established. It was spectacularly disciplined and while it took vertical shots it was revolutionary as it was passing and safe passing to eventually run. To me MM had zero relationship to either Lombardi or Walsh, in that he was a complete players coach who never demanded execution, rather hid in complexity and made excuses. And in the end Rodgers hung him.

I have been very complimentary of LaFluer and like his system. But his success will depend largely on Walsh and Lombardi toughness and not MM sugar tit approach. Just my view and good thread, time will tell, and for the Packers time here demands urgency and excellence…


You forgot “pad level” :slight_smile:


Big plus, we aren’t hearing pad level lectures…


Maybe we will hear about pad angle and knee bend instead…


I can’t agree with most of your assessments. You make a lot of assumptions and pass them off as fact. Personally I don’t think McCarthy hid behind anything, least of all scheme. His scheme wasn’t necessarily all that complex. It was all about player matchups. He wanted his fast guys going against slow guys, tall against short, #2 against #3 or #4, etc… The complexity came in requiring players to learn multiple positions.

Now, McCarthy certainly had his failings, but his drop-off in wins and chemistry coincided with the talent pool becoming a lot shallower. Thompson having 3 consecutive sub-par drafts and whiffing in Free Agency did as much harm as anything. Two years ago we were 1 game away from the Superbowl. In that game we had a DL playing OL, a S playing CB, a WR playing with broken ribs, etc. The following year we started the season 4-1 and Rodgers was leading the league in TD passes before having his collarbone shattered on a dirty hit. From that point on the wheels just kept falling off. When Rodgers went full Diva and threw McCarthy to the wind there was no going back.

So to say things like McCarthy hid behind complexity, or his scheme is burdensome is disrespectful and has no merit in my not so humble opinion. You didn’t like his style or his results, fine. But don’t insult the guy’s manhood or his intelligence. He lasted 13 years. He brought Favre out of the basement and gave him one of his best statistical seasons ever. He stood by Rodgers when Favre demanded his roster spot back. He got us a Superbowl trophy. I could go on and on, but we are all aware of his accomplishments. McCarthy deserves a little more respect than that. He spoke to YOU in a full page add about his love of the team, the town and the fans, and in turn you speak of him like a cancer that needed cut out. (I’m referring to many fans with these comments.)


We don’t know anything about his PC’s yet. I’m sure we’ll find something about the guy that will rub us the wrong way. It’s the nature of the business.


Your lecturing me is unecessary. I never said or hinted MM was a cancer. His appproach was complex. He didn’t in my view demand execution. I didn’t attack you and would appreciate you not trying to insult me when I bend over backward to compliment you.


Oh and one more thing, what does him not being Lombardi and Walsh have to do with manhood? MM was an excusing players coach, that had nothing to do with manhood…


I am not attacking. I just take issue with some of the comments, and not just yours. I feel McCarthy is treated unfairly by many Packer fans. These are the comments I was referring to from you from this thread and the Hackett thread…

"I always felt MM hid his weakness in complexity and being soft on players.

…is said to be more unique and less difficult than MM burden of a system

MM had zero relationship to either Lombardi or Walsh, in that he was a complete players coach who never demanded execution, rather hid in complexity and made excuses"


Are you referring to me? Because most of my comments are tongue and cheek.

However knee bend is a big issue when getting stood up any type of blocking…


Knee bend and quick feet are a big deal for big uglies… OL especially.

Well MM was a good coach, no doubt, but 10 years in one place is probably enough, Wolf and Epstein have said the same thing. BB, Parells, Walsh and Lombardi have one common thread and it wasn’t manhood. The reason for all their success at the core is the demand for execution. Murphy, TT and in my view MM didn’t demand it. It will probably surprise you, but to me Mark Murphy is the real problem. He was the one who on a policy level let this get to this point, and yes to some extent I can empathize with both for how Murphy has conducted things.

And as you have said, not only could firing MM not fix this, it is possible it makes it worse. And here’s the key Murphy needs to go back to the big picture, and butt out. An emphasis on Gute and LaFleur controlling strength and conditioning, not Russ Ball need to be established. But yes, 2 years from now we could be looking at a total regime change.

We can like it or not but the next 2 or 3 years will be centered on Rodgers getting rid of the ball more quickly, staying upright, and being the player he is paid too. If that doesn’t happen not much else will matter.


I agree that Murphy is a huge issue. He is slowly turning into Jerry Jones in the way he is treating his job. I really would like to see the board straighten him out as he isn’t the owner…

I like the concepts that LaFleur is bringing however the lack of experience with play calling and in game decisions is a little concerning at this point.


I like the offense Shanahan is running and has been. Like the core concepts a lot like you and really focused on Tennessee after SF played the Packers. So I would agree.

And I have my concerns about his staff, especially ST. But no doubt all of this belongs to Murphy. He has been interjecting himself including writers whisper assistant coaching decisions. But I am hopeful you are right someone stands up to him.


A team that is owned by the fans and has an elected board and has the say over Murphy. Once the fan base gets upset enough the board will be forced to take action because the owners will demand it.


Slank04, Great to see your post !!! good to know that some of the old posters are still “above ground” .


MM’s complexity came primarily from the fact that it required basicly perfect execution. It didn’t scheme receivers open, it basically counted on receiviers out-executing the defender. Giving the receivers and QB some easy ones here and there via scheme can be a big help. Some would say LaFleur’s offense is complicated, but to me it seems less complicated than McCarthy’s. Yes, there is more motion and more formations, but they’re the same concepts between them.

Then how much did the talent on offense really decrease? How does New England have that much more talent on offense than us? We have some of the best in the league at the most important positions, QB, LT, and WR. Adams and Bakhtiari are probably the best OL and WR this team has had in 20 years, at least as a combo. RB is no slouch at all with Jones being one of the best performing in the league and Williams as a solid #2.


How is Murphy a huge issue? And as the team operates, he acts as the owner, the chosen representative of the ownership.

Comparing him to Jones, really? Where is he getting involved in picking players, etc? Where is he doing anything beyond what any owner does? You think it is unusual for an owner to be heavily involved with picking a head coach? I also doubt it is unusual for the owner to act as a mediator between the coach and GM.


In this league the difference between good and bad teams when it comes to talent isn’t that great. But you can see a problem on our roster (which injuries greatly contributed to) simply by comparing stats between Adams and the rest of our receivers.

  1. Adams: 111 receptions, 1386 yards, 13 TD’s
  2. Graham: 55 receptions, 636 yards, 2 TD’s
  3. MVS: 38 receptsions, 581 yards, 2 TD’s
  4. Cobb: 38 receptions, 383 yards, 2 TD’s

We had 1 guy who’s production was greater than the next 3 behind him combined. If even 1 other receiver had a solid year opposite Adams this offense doesn’t struggle to convert 3rd downs or score in the red zone.