Turning off posting - Big site change coming


Big changes are coming. I’m going to completely reimagine PackerWire. All of your posts will transfer, but the implementation will be very different.

I’m going to embrace the Wire portion of our name and turn this more into a feed of the day’s top Packers news. You will still be able to add comments and even start conversations, but it’ll be a little more ProFootballTalk.com than a pure message board.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. The changes will be iterative. Expect a read-only version of the new concept soon.


During the transfer to a different software we will be able to keep our accounts if all goes well? Would like to see what the concept its. I know we have came a long ways since the original threaded version.


Yes! You will definitely keep your account. The only downside is that you will almost certainly have to reset your password before you will be able to comment.