TJ Watt - 4 Sacks


Couldn’t help but notice TJ had 4 sacks this last weekend. Still bugs me that we are sitting there on the clock with TJ Watt on the board, and opt to pass on him and trade down to get King. I knew at that time and still believe, that was a huge mistake; another reason why it was time for TT to step aside.


King was a need, not to mention he did awesome against the bigger WRs, unlike the smurfs. It would have been awesome to pick up Watt but with Perry and Matthews it wasn’t exactly a huge need but I am sure it will be soon taken care of within the next year.


Don’t get into self-harm StLouisPackFan. Embrace what he have. If you find a DeLorien with a flux capacitor, I may change my mind, but until then, the Minions have King Bob and we have King Kevin.


TJ Watt has 11 sacks in the past two seasons, seven of those against the Browns. Just thought you should know, he’s feasting on the Browns. Too soon to tell if it was a bad decision.


Yeah TT made a Big mistake IMO.


IDK, Kevin King was not a mistake. TJ Watt got most of his numbers against the leagues worst team. King has the potential to be a real game changer with his size and speed.


Ok. I’ll reserve judgement until the end of the season.