This Pathetic Effort


Provides a rationale for firing the entire coaching staff. A number of players are evidencing their reluctance to play for this staff on both sides of the line. Murphy has proven he’s responsible for this debacle. Who’s going to fire him?


The Packers are still running the same offensive plays exactly the way they did in 2010 with no adjustments. I would love to see a modified version of the offense. Pettine did a good job with little to no talent left at key positions due to injury. However I don’t like that he like Capers is a booth sitter.

Murphy got distracted with building the Title Town district and lost precious years not noticing that Ted Thompson was starting to show signs of early dementia. If Murphy can’t right this ship in a year, the board will have his head.


Since you said it, I have to say, Murphy is completely inexcusable. Everyone knew 3 years ago something was going on with Ted. Sad for Ted and this organization.

But who the hell in their right minds would let Murphy do all of this if as McGinn and writers are whispering is true. Pretty obvious Ted had that issue. Even more obvious, Murphy should not be allowed to continue this slide. The EC if it gives a damn about the Packers needs to step in and at a minimum put Murphy back in his lane.

I don’t think they have the balls. Rodgers should not have been on the field last week or this week. He capped off an injury filled season where they gave him a lot of money and he played like crap and fired the head coach with his fight.

This is a full fledged mess largely a result of inept management. Mark Murphy should be forced to resign himself to the Harlan role or sent packing. But there are no balls on that EC…


I’ve become very worried about their future. The Packer success since the early 90s was engendered by Bob Harlan who hired good professionals to run the team and then got out of the way and focused on administrative matters. In 2007 he retired and was replaced by Mark Murphy. Ted Thompson was the last of Harlan’s GM appointments. Apparently TT who played linebacker years ago developed dementia and was retired last year. Murphy let this fester too long and appointed a new GM last year. But he took it upon himself to fire McCarthy, normally a GM function, and is taking charge of the coaching search “in conjunction” with his GM.
I don’t like that, and it highlights his responsibility for the Packet decline. The problem in the Packer organization is then who fires him if necessary, and hires a new guy.
The responsibility falls to the executive committee of the Board of Directors, a self selected group of Green Bay citizens. That group under various incarnations has had a history of screwing things up first after Curly Lambeau, until Lombardi, and then after Lombardi until Harlan. That is, 68 to 90. Blech. I feared for years going back to the EC having importance. We’re on the cusp of that now.