The official McDaniels and the other Patriots Guy Interview Thread


No word has come out about the interviews today.

What we know is McDaniels turned down interviews with others and has chosen to interview with the Packers.

The interview with Flores is after McDaniels.


I would be shocked if we hear any news until after the Superbowl. Especially with McDaniels, they will probably want to make sure the ink is dry before having any press conferences. :wink:


Interesting stuff out there. Green Bay media is and has been reporting McDaniels is prohibitive favorite unless he blows his interview. They also are reporting and have been Packers or bust.

This is in conflict with Cleveland which Cleveland media says McDaniels as good as Browns HC…

Dorsey is a big game player so who knows. Clearly they a week ago had indicated the interest in Gase. Murphy shouldn’t be running this. I would not be shocked to see him do anything from being too quick to too slow…

If I had to guess, this may be fast developing…


McDaniels only interviewed with one team and turned down the others. He interviewed with the Packers.


Apparently as would be expected by lowlife Dorsey the Cleveland people are saying he is using back channels to negotiate and do things. Like I say he is the ultimate mind fer … could plant something like this to protect who he really might be after like Campbell or it could be for real.


His guy is interviewing next week for the Browns. His name is Mike McCarthy.


A McDaniels hire would excite me. I’ll excuse the Colts flip-flopping. I understand the appeal with Luck being there. But at the time we didn’t know if he was going to recover to form or not. And the ownership situation in Indy is a joke.

I think Rodgers needs a HC who will get in his face and might challenge him to quit with the public diva junk. I think his 5 Super Bowl rings and history with Tom give him the authority to put Rodgers in his place.

But if I am being honest I think the Cleveland job is more appealing right now. Young QB, more talent outside the QB position. Better front office (IMO).

It will be interesting.


You are right, Rodgers needs a coach with a huge ego to keep his huge ego in check.

McCarthy became the country club maintenance man…


The Patriots are preparing for McDaniels to leave. They are said to be planning on Kingsbury replacing him.

Lot happening there are still those insisting Dorsey wants him even though he hasn’t interviewed him. Apparently I have seen it everywhere and heard it, Gute and he are very compatible and close.

Who knows sounds like at a minimum, he will be getting a 2nd interview…


Perhaps the second interview will be in Green Bay after the Patriots are eliminated or go to the Super Bowl.


The NFL rules are of course a mess. Looks like this week with exceptions of those coaches not in the playoffs are not possible. So if he truly is interested in Cleveland I think they would have flouted the rules. That said there are exceptions and a coach in the playoffs can’t be official. One of the exceptions in a SB team coach could be in a second interview during the week of the SB.

That all figured in Philbun, Gase, LaFleur, Monken, Caldwell and Pagano all can be hired or brought in at anytime. I like Monken a lot, but don’t think he is a good fit here. Gase is so surly and he is not really interested in a whole lot beyond offense.

I like LaFleur a lot. I wouldn’t shed a tear if they go that way, but he doesn’t have a wealth of experience in running to go on. My concern would be more of Rodgers doing what he did this year. To me Caldwell and Pagano in this situation would be a joke, and the consequences of either will be more firing.

If they satisfy themselves that McDaniels won’t try to run personnel, he brings the mind and toughness to turn Rodgers around.


LaFleur isn’t in demand, but I don’t trust Dorsey. Boston media says the Patriots will lose McDaniels. They seem to insist that Cleveland is having back channels. If McDaniel is Gute’s guy he needs to move quickly. If McDaniel agrees this time there is no going back, so that worry is insane. If he tried he could not work in the NFL he knows that. And they by now know everything about McDaniel. LaFleur isn’t nearly as urgent. This is why Murphy isn’t right with this structure. Football men can hire people without all the fanfare and multiple interviews.

Coaches make decisions and so do GMs they take there work and move. They never over analyze because it always leads to hesitation…


Oh and the only thing Murphy should have done with McDaniel if that is Gute’s choice is get Kraft’s word not to repeat his part in Indy. It appears someone may have done that.


I totally agree that Rodgers needs a coach to get in his face and to get him to concentrate on football.


Why shouldn’t Murphy be running this? Murphy has hired coaches before (and done a great job at it) while Gutekunst hasn’t. Either way, they’re running this together and I can’t imagine anyone will be hired without them both being on-board, exactly the same situation as any other team in the NFL.


Overall, I’m warming to picking McDaniels. Originally I held the Colts thing against him, but the more I think it through, why should I? It seems everyone is blaming McDaniels when I don’t know he really did anything wrong. Who clearly did something wrong? The Colts.

If a deal isn’t signed, don’t act like a deal is signed, simple as that. If a deal isn’t signed, why do you owe that party anything? it seems clear that something happened where McDaniels was uncomfortable signing his deal, maybe it was interaction in looking for coaches or during contract negotiations, etc. Whatever it was, he decided that wasn’t the fit for him anymore. He never signed a deal, so why is that such a bad thing?

All that tells me is, make sure you have him signed to a contract before announcing anything or making other decisions…