The Draft Is A Wasteful Bore to Watch


Bowing to tradition, I repeat my annual comment on the draft: Wake me when it’s over. All these mock drafts quickly become meaningless for a particular team as permutations expand astronomically as the selections multiply. And the idea of watching a tv program predicated on reading a long list of names very slowly is mind numbing.
Just in case some don’t understand, the results are reported at the end of each day. As far as I can tell, these reports are pretty accurate.


I used to love sitting through the first 2 or 3 rounds of the draft. There always seemed to be a little bit of drama (probably manufactured by ESPN, but still) in the first round and I enjoyed it as a way to kind of get to know the new guys coming in.

At some point, though I’d break off and start playing the GM simulator game Front Office Football.

These days I am more like you, but it was fun for awhile.


As my kid has aged and we’ve become busier, etc., checking that list at the end of the day makes sense. Look, Brucest and I agree on one thing! :slight_smile:


I’m used to the drama… The Packers are on the clock… lets talk about other team’s drafts so far… The Packers pick is in as they are about to announce it… time for a commercial break… Back from break, Another team is on the clock lets talk about who they could potentially draft and nothing else (As we wait to see who the packers pick scrolling across the bottom of the screen because we know they are not going to talk about it on the air)…


I’ve never experienced this other than in the late rounds. And by that time I’d don’t really care.


It happens all the time. Maybe they will mention the Packers pick in passing but focus on the previous team and the team that picks after the Packers with little to no discussion of the Packers pick.


I love the draft. It’s like Christmas for me.
The prognosticators are ridiculous as are their rankings, but the fact I get to watch the draft and know the Packers will pickup impact players is very exciting to me.


What is exciting is that it is a different GM and he has no set in stone tendencies at this point.


Yep - lots of questions about Gute’s style.

I think he is aggressive on day 1 and 2 and tries to make a splash.


The more I learn about the players the Draft becomes a little more interesting. With the Packers having an early pick and a new GM, makes it more interesting to me… I will be watching the beginning of the draft for the drama. Will check in from time to time for the other rounds.


Its interesting to here other views. But just to be clear I’m only referring to watching the long drawn out mess.
Of course I’m very interested in the draft, but I think the summaries after the fact are more informative than the instant analysis. and the endless talk about who’ve going to draft what becomes instantly meaningless.


I rarely watch it live anymore, maybe just briefly if I’m bored and it is on. Instead, I just keep an eye on the Packers news during the draft and DVR it, so I can go back and watch if there was any specific drama or to see more about our picks.

I love football and the Packers, I never miss a game, but I don’t really see the need to spend so much time dedicated to the draft by watching it all live.


What always irritated me with the draft was that in the later rounds the commentators largely ignored who was being drafted, talking about a QB who was drafted 10 picks back. Then there was the break for Ads, that always seemed to come when the Packers were about to pick…

This year I watched the B-R podcast (Matt Miller and Connor Rodgers). They did a better job in following the picks.

I still enjoy some of the drama, this year the Packers forums almost went into meltdown, in the first few minutes after the Packers traded all the way back from #14 to #27 !

It’s also worth adding that the more you know about the draft prospects, the more you can enjoy the draft. If you know none of the names of the draftees after the first two rounds, it’s all pretty meaningless. If (like me) you can sometimes get excited about 6th and 7th round picks (as I did this year) the draft offers more interest.


Obviously I’m very concerned about the draft and finding out about the Pack choices. My point is that watching is boring and also a not very efficient way of getting info on those choices.


Neither is obsessing over possible draft picks months before the draft, or following mock drafts, or doing your own on Fanspeak draft efficient in any way.

I still do it all though. Like an addict i find it hard to stop. At least it passes the endless time between end of season, and draft day.


St. Brown was the steal of this draft at WR. Rarely does a first round talent fall that far past the 3rd. Hopefully he checks his ego at the door.


I think Valdez-Scantling has more ‘want-to’ about him, though he is a bit more raw, so he is my late WR pick to stick (mostly as a ST guy in his rookie year).

Of course, once you get into the NFL it is all business, so guys can step up in that environment, with the pressure of their peers to keep them focused. ESB will have every chance to capitalise on his elite size and good speed.