Thank God we were not able to raid the Rams


That team is totally unprepared for the NFC championship. I think that’s on the coaches.


Goff and the offense was not ready for that game. I see where the offensive scheme is top notch. Someone like Aaron Rodgers would run it better. The Rams won because of bad officiating.


Saints suffer more than Packers with Bostick


Somehow, I can’t manage a tear for Payton. :slight_smile:


This is why I hate knee jerk reactions. The Rams absolutely got a huge break that gave them new life. If the call is made the Saints are almost surely in the Superbowl. But your post said the Rams were “totally unprepared”. The fact is the Chiefs found themselves in a similar situation trailing by 14 at the half. Both the Rams and Chiefs young QB’s along with their respective teams (who mostly had very little playoff experience) went toe to toe with Drew Brees and Tom Brady’s teams. In both cases they weathered the storm, fought back and each gave themselves a chance to win the game.

Drew Brees is largely considered one of the best pure passers of all time along with Rodgers, Brady, Manning, etc. and yet the young Goff equaled his performance in every way. The Rams also did this without their star running back Todd Gurley. Regardless of how the ending played out the Rams were more than prepare to go on the road and compete with the best team in the conference.