Supplemental draft 7/11


There are 3 players who might be drafted Weds and have drawn some speculation. The one people are most interested in is Beals from WMU. Some of the Packer media have speculated the Packers could be interested.

The way it works is teams are divided into 3 groups and draw of positioning. The team that submits the highest bid then would have to surrender that round pick in 2019. Beals to me looks like a 3rd or 4th round pick at most. I’ve seen speculation that the Packers would probably have to give a 2 to get him. I would hope they wouldn’t pay that. He is very thin and would really be behind the curve. He draws comparisons to Tankersly and that doesn’t do much for me.

Acme, NFL and CBS as well as USA Today I think have pieces about it…


Pipe dream taking another DB after taking King, Jones, Alexander, Jackson the past two years. That is a lot of young talent with speed and size like King and Jackson. I could see maybe a 4th or a 3rd at max. But I really don’t see Gute playing ball as the cupboard is stocked.


Yeah I was surprised to see Packers being speculated about with Beals and Addonis Alexander. Who knows, I tend to see anyone giving a 2 for him or 3 for Alexander as a pipe dream. I think some of the stated speculation was it would set them up for years. I just don’t see it unless a team is in love with him. Their reasoning was interesting, just don’t really see it. Brooks has Beals going in 2 or 3 Alexander in 3 or 4.


New Packers GM Brian Gutekunst used his first two draft picks on cornerbacks in April, taking Louisville’s Jaire Alexander in the first and Iowa’s Josh Jackson in the second. The Packers also signed Tramon Williams and brought back Davon House, making it possible Gutekunst will have no interest in spending more resources on another cornerback.

However, Beal fits the Packers’ athletic metrics at the position, and if the last two years have proved anything in Green Bay, it’s that a shortage of cornerback talent can easily torpedo a season.

A cornerback room featuring Beal, Alexander, Jackson, Williams and Kevin King would be well-stocked for 2018 and potentially many years into the future.

Even if the Packers aren’t awarded Beal, it wouldn’t be surprising if Gutekunst put in a bid.

This is one of the pieces from Zach Kruse. I don’t think I agree with him. It would be a surprise if the Packers to me put a bid in for him for multiple reasons, not just the invesment they have, but it probably would take at least a 3 to get him from the 2019 draft.


Can’t have too many good corners. Remember, Gute has an extra first rounder next year. That might make it worth a 3rd to him. House is not all that athletic. Adding a guy like Beal would definitely up the athleticism. I wouldn’t be shocked.


I understand the logic and have seen they may be interested, but at some point you have to have more balance in your approach to the draft. If they threw even a 3 at Beals it would point out how really bad letting Heyward especially was. 6 corners 3 or higher since 15 would be a real eye opener. I think they have pass rush issues and big issues on the right side of the OL.

I get you can never have enough corners, but you can never have enough pass rushers either. I think it really unwise to put an aging Rodgers behind an Ol with a right side like this. I really think at some point MM , Ball and Murphy deserve some real criticism for what they participated in and did from 2015-2017.

All that said it will probably end up taking a top 20 lottery slot in the 3rd round to get Beals at a minimum. For the Packers that could mean if they really love him, depending on how they do in their tier of the lottery it could mean they would have to spend a 2. Lots are saying to will take a 2.

And none of that is to suggest I think much of either Williams or Hyde. Just at some point you have to trust your picks or get rid of some of scouts and coaches and get better management. It will be interesting to see how this supplemental plays out. It has been awhile since Wolf threw at 2 at Mike Whale in a supplemental…


Beals went to the Giants in the first tier of 3. Packers would have had to use a 2. Glad they didn’t.


" I’ll second that". sarafar


What is so bad with McCray and Bulaga on the right side? While moving around a lot last year, McCray did a good job. Now with a whole offseason focused on just one position, I don’t see why we don’t see growth there. Even if he falters, we have a bunch of quality bodies behind him fighting for a spot.

Yes, Bulaga might not be ready week 1, but it should be close, and when healthy, he’s one of the better RT in the league. Yes, the best of Murphy, Spriggs, or Bell will need to play a couple games. Is your complaint that you expect to have a top rate starter as your backup tackle?


No I have no complaint just observations. Spriggs issues are well documented. When you are playing at T with the Franchise at risk you can’t have bad quarters. He has proven he had big issues with inside rushes. This is no minor deal. McCray stepped in but let’s be clear it is a risk.

As to Bulaga, he is closer to being through, than people realize. I can assure people from what people very close to him have said, exceptionally close, he is set for life and not planning to play much longer longer and TT hat was last summer before another knee. I would not be shocked at all if you are correct on Spriggs or anyone stepping in this summer as both starters and depth, they may be inclined to release him.

Finally again, I have no issue with any of it. I will again point out in the context of drafting more corners yesterday, Corner shouldn’t and wasn’t a priority. Olb and pass rush along with a ROL would be if someone pops free or next draft. Clearly none were available yesterday.

My concern or observation about the Ol in context is with soon to be 35 year old must of us will be made the highest paid player in football, you can’t just relegate him to playing behind, stumble bums , injured players and street free agents as Wolf always said. We will see if Rodgers can avoid looking for the perfect plays and holding on to the ball, but in the last few years he has taken a lot of hits and been injured moving to that right side…


I’m glad that they didn’t waste a future pick on Beals. With having two first rounders next year it gives them plenty of options. The OL might need an upgrade sooner than later, plus a third or second rounder is a good place to start at that position.


At RT we have a competition between Spriggs, Murphy, & Bell, all who have started at that position in the NFL, and that is assuming Bulaga can’t go. If he can, there is definitely no issue. If he can’t (even for the whole season) we have enough bodies there that I would hope one can perform well.

This is routinely a top 10 line in the league, as far as pass blocking. Last year was still middle of the pack, even with the sheer number of injuries. I’m not that concerned due to the history there. I will agree though, whether Bulaga is good to go and the future at RT is the biggest concern right now.


I’m more concerned over having a long term replacement for Bulaga over a short term one. Maybe Murphy or someone that is already on the team might turnout to be it… but counting on those guys turning out maybe a huge long term mistake.