Some will be sad, I am glad Campen is leaving


Campen is leaving for Cleveland…,


Campen is a good coach, however he isn’t a fit for the new blocking scheme that will be coming in.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I have a hard time understanding how anyone who spends any time watching offensive line play could come to that conclusion. The right side of our line was not very good this year but mostly due to injuries, shuffling and a lack of depth. No coach is going to get Spriggs to play better than he did this year. It is what it is, but I think it was a mistake to let him go. Maybe the next guy will be good too. I can only hope.


I figured letting the entire offensive staff and Zook go was inevitable if they were gonna keep Pettine and the entire Defensive Staff. LeFleur, understandably was going to want to work with guys he had ample experience with, and full confidence in.

We have 6 picks in the first 4 rounds. I hope we select 2 OLs with those picks if their talent grades warrant their selection slot. The Colts OL had a rough day on Saturday against the Chiefs. But their selection of OLs with their first 2 picks in the 2018 draft were as instrumental in their becoming a Playoff team as anything other the Andrew Luck coming back healthy.

The Colts only allowed 18 sacks the entire regular season and first Playoff game combined. That’s a dramatic improvement over the previous 2 seasons where they allowed 44 and 56 respectively. When your QB is Great, mobile, and typically gets a clean pocket to throw from big time results are sure to follow.

The Packers allowed 53 and 51 sacks respectively the last 2 seasons. That can’t happen. I know we had injuries but it’s not surprising that LeFleur wanted to go another direction.

Hire a new hot shot OL coach and give him a couple rookies acquired in the top half of the draft and that will go along way towards ramping up our offense.


you are absolutely correct. This organization may ultimately fall and fail, but the quickest route to that Hell is to continue to see Rodgers rag dolled 50 plus times looking up on his back.


I guess my main complaint here is that Rodgers takes far too many unnecessary sacks. I agree we need to add talent to the O-line, but we also need to get Rodgers to buy into a new offense and play differently. That’s going to be a tall order.


Very much a tall order. He has always had an issue of trying to push the ball vertical, looking for the explosive big one, I thought at times this year he was better getting rid of it. The beauty of what they intend to do is they will be bunching formations, incorporating motion and using more safer WCO updated concepts. But yes, he disregards and just changes plays in the huddle, what then?

The other issue is his arm. I worry less about him overthrowing receivers than some of the outs and underneath undergrowth. He had a knee injury so maybe it means little, but I always look for that with aging QBs as the legs go first.

The promise is LaFleur comes from a wing of the WCO that is very inventive and very impressive. I think what Shanahan did to the Packers this year with a collection of rag rag job, makes me eager to see where we go.


I agree, I actually think getting Rodgers to play into the LaFleur system, with more getting the ball out quick/early on high percentage throws (Mariota was completing 71.5% at the end of the season) you’re going to see the number of sacks drop substantially just from that.

I think the easy change on the OL is RG, where I think we need to sign someone AND draft someone, though don’t spend a top pick on a guard except maybe someone who will play guard this year and hopefully develop into a T? Then Bulaga is still good when he plays, issue is how often he plays. Not sure what that really means for priority at RT. Maybe we solve RT and RG with the same two players (that we draft and sign?) along with the players we already have?

And on the main topic, while I actually really liked Campen, I’m not surprised he’s gone. We replaced an offensive head coach with an offensive head coach, he’s going to want to build his own team. If Campen was the guy LaFleur really wanted, he probably wouldn’t have let him interview.