Some of my favorite McCarthy moments


In 2010 we beat the Jets who at the time had the best record in the league, and the best defense. Afterwards he said something along the lines of “we are going to have bigger wins than this”… we won the Superbowl that year.

This one is more quoteable, but when Rodgers was out vs. the Patriots noone gave the Matt Flynn led Packers much of a chance and McCarthy said, “We are nobody’s underdog”. We gave the Pats all they could handle in that game and came close to pulling off a huge upset. One of the main reasons we fell short was a Special Teams play.

I can’t forget the speech McCarthy gave after the Fail Mary play in Seattle. He was like a rock in that moment and gave some levity to a horrible situation.

I also thought his attempt, though it failed in the end to fix the issues that cost us the 2014 NFCC by giving up play calling so he could focus more on the offensive and defensive plans was admirable. The fact is we did improve in those 2 areas, but we struggled so much on offense that he had to return to the previous formula.

I love that he got the players fingers sized for rings before playing the Superbowl as if losing was not an option.

I won’t forget that he lost his Brother while coaching for our team. And he never threw a single person under the bus in his conferences. He either shouldered the blame himself or redirected the conversation. He shielded his players and coaches like a true leader.

These moments are just from my memory. I liked McCarthy and I wish him the best hoping he has a very successful 2nd chapter to his career. Thanks for the memories and a 4th Superbowl.


Mike McCarthy suffered from the same thing as Mike McCarthy. A really good coach but couldn’t maintain it at the end.


I was never very popular here for calling him McChucklebutt and at times I regretted that but then I just became indifferent to him, just like his players (apparently). He was our HC for 13 years. That’s a lifetime in the NFL, so good for him. There are managers who find ways to keep their jobs regardless of performance.

I don’t really have any favorite McCarthy moments, unless it was boasting that he coached the great Joe Montana (as quality control coordinator in KC). I never warmed to him or rooted for him. That’s telling, too.

That said, I think he’s just a goat. TT is the culprit behind the downfall. I don’t think TT and Ball did him any favors over the years and he did what he could with the often lousy talent provided. Just IMO. And I think keeping Ball around was a huge mistake.

I hope the ol’ boy finds a soft landing in Cleveland and uses his QB coach skills to Mayfield’s benefit (I bet Dorsey can’t wait to compare notes)…

Now what? I don’t want McDaniel or Arians.


Great post, Jeff. I always liked MM. He had multiple late game management gaffs that would frustrate me from time to time. I will always believe he should have gone for 2 in Arizona Hail Mary Playoff game. To miraculously tie it and then trust our shaky defense in OT was not the right choice.

But the positives of MM’s impact FAR outweighed the negatives. Remember “he” was the innovative young coach when he came here. I thought he was always classy and had a way of getting to the bottom line in a way that propelled us forward.

I hated the timing. I get it but now MM goes down as the only Packer Coach in Franchise History to be fired during a season. Not sure we gain that much by doing this now. Most of the guys mentioned as successors aren’t available until after the season anyhow.

I Thank MM for his lasting impact on the Packers and wish him well going forward. I suspect he’ll land on his feet.


Generous as usual, which is totally your charm FP. :slight_smile:

MM’s team lost at home on a freezing cold day to a hot weather 2-9 team (now 3-9) with Rodgers healthy, starting RBs healthy, OL reasonably healthy, etc., then he admits that he really doesn’t have any answers. That’s last straw material, IMO. And I STILL think he’s the goat, so go figure.