Some Draft thoughts


I knew Alexander was liked McKenzie, and while I lived like Davenport, the school thing was too much to overcome. Alexander moves well and finds the ball. Also, Jackson I saw more as bottom half of day 1. Alexander already can play all the coverages. Jackson could be a great corner, he is a little rough, but if they can smooth his movement skills without impacting his abilities to explode on the ball, he could be great. He is choppy, but there plenty to work with.

Also I really loved Nelson, McGlinchy the ND tackle is an excellent prospect too. Then Miller from UCLA went high. There were some good OL, NFL is short of Ol so it is hard to get them without overdrafting. I spent most of my time on the top 50-60 players. I liked Mayfield, can’t teac what he has, Nelson, Smith, Davenport,Fitzpatrick, Sutton, Jackson, these are some of the guys that did something I didn’t think could be taught.

Some I flat out didn’t like. Didn’t like Vander Esch, Ward, Landry, the receiver Miller. I could be wrong on any of them.

I thought GB had too many needs to fill them all. Corner is clearly the biggest in their view. They tried to add size at WR like that in StBrown…and I like the punter, he could be a big weapon. I have to say, am very uncomfortable with their RT situation…


My favourite OT was Connor Williams, I thought he was better, athletically and technically, but I concede the internet big boards preferred McGlinchey. Connor may also have fallen due to his knee injury, but the couple of final games he did manage to play, he looked his old self.

Nelson should be a great player, though you could say the same about guard Jonathan Cooper, drafted a few years back (#7th overall), who was underwhelming. Given the packers success at getting guards in rounds 4 or 5, it just didn’t seem best value.

Sometimes guys are so good at what they do, you give them lesser players to work with because they are so good at getting the best out of them (see Bobb McKittrick, O line coach for the 49ers for 20 years). Ted shone late in his career at getting good guards later in the draft, best to consult with him for advice on what he does best, and let Campen coach them up (I used to dislike Campen as O line coach early on, but i’ve come around).

Kolton Miller is (to me) an OT who was overdrafted on his athletic potential. As for Orlando Brown, well some players (usually the very gifted ones) just cannot get out of their own way.

One little ray of sunshine for the future, after two down years for OTs in the draft 2019 should be back to normal. OurLads had the average drafts overall OT rating at 23 (higher is better). In the 2017 and 2018 draft, the strength of the OT position was rated 18, 18, both years being a good chunk below average.


Issue with getting a RT in the draft is that this year I’m not sure the options were that great or deep, hoping things are better next year and we can get through this year.

I would hope either Murphy or Spriggs (I have more faith in Murphy at this point) can step up and we don’t face too many injuries, at least until Bulaga is back.


Murphy is the current choice for replacement tackle. Spriggs is a guard. Two first rounders next year. Maybe one or two will be on the offensive line.