San Shields Starting for Rams


So why did the Packers give up on him?


Concussion problems if I remember right. Our doctors thought it was best he hung it up. I wish him well but will watch him with one eye closed. Good luck Sam!


I knew that. But at the time he expressed a desire to come back. Apparently the Packers weren’t having it even though he was a shut down CB. Packers are too conservative oh injury IMO.


I won’t argue the Packers are conservative, but look at Shields history with concussions (5 that are documented). His previous concussion caused him to miss a months worth of games. Then the one that ended his Packers career caused him to miss 15 games and he was still having symptoms just prior to the following season. What will the next one do? Is that a gamble you would take with a persons life, or with the millions of dollars you are committing to him? I don’t question his desire to play, but I do question the wisdom behind it. With everything we are learning about CTE and the NFL’s effort to change both perception and culture i’m shocked the Rams were willing to add him to the roster.