Rookie contributions


On a positive note, Jaire Alexander is becoming a huge asset to this team. I am also very encouraged by the early production of Equanimeous St Brown and Marqueze Valdez-Scantling. Our Punter has had some ups and downs this year, but he looks like a player that will be here for several years. Even Josh Jackson has shown some real ability. This draft is looking pretty special so far.

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Gute has a lot of work over the next couple years filling in holes that TT created when he started missing a lot in the last few drafts. Hoping next year yields similar results.


Alexander + Jackson + Burks + MVS + ESB, all have shown enough to be very encouraging to the Packers scouts and GM.

Moore, and Bradley are still question marks. Looney and Donnerson are on the PS, and I don’t even know what to think about Madison.

All in all, 2018 is looking like a bonanza year for the Packers draft.
If 2019 (with the extra 1st round pick) can match that, the Pack will look good, going forward


Madison was probably a steal until his M.I. showed up with dealing with some things.