Ron Zook has to go


I’m going to make a single strategic point about why our Special Teams coach should be replaced. Crosby has a decent enough leg, such that if he isn’t facing a strong head wind he could punch the ball deep into the opponents endzone 99% of the time. Instead we have been seeing these kicks that I believe are purposely aimed at the goal line which is to invite or even force the opponent to take the ball out and hopefully be tackled behind the 25 yard line. That’s fine, if you have a good coverage team and your regular players are on the field. If you are dealing with a lot of injuries and your coverage units are spotty the better strategy is to avoid giving your opponent any chance of a return.

I did not see the late kick the the Jets returned for 56 yards allowing the game to be tied on a short field. But again, I see no reason why it was only kicked to the 11 yard line (squib I presume) when we already gave up a 99 yard score earlier in the game. This reminds me of the colossal breakdown in Seattle in 2014. We were beating the crap out of the Seahawks that day and they lined up for a FG. Stupidly we played to block the kick when we should have merely played defense and conceded the 3 points. I was screaming that day because I knew the likely-hood for a fake was very high under the circumstances. Predictably Seattle faked the FG And scored a TD instead. I think today was more or less like that.

You have to know your team, know the situation and coach accordingly. Everyone would love to force the opponent to run the ball out and get tackled short of the 25 yard line, but if you don’t have the horses to pull it off regularly don’t risk a big play, especially when the game is on the line. Until the team proves it can do something well on a consistent basis I am fine with just letting the other team start on the 25 every single possession. It’s a lot better than giving up points or a short field. I’m tired of the breakdowns and our injuries are not the problem. Ron Zook is the problem.


Moore’s fumble was a result of having the ball out loose instead of tucked tight on a big hit. The special teams play has been really subpar.


I get folks don’t like Zook and ST have been bad, but then Murphy has interjected himself and Ball runs the football…strength and conditioning and medical. Look Zook will be gone, but those two won’t. I am beginning to lose hope. Murphy is the worst thing to happen in GB and Ball ran this thing into the ground as he was the defecto GM from 2015, people know it we just don’t talk about it.

If Murphy is unchecked he will destroy GB. Yes Zook should go. But make no mistake Pat Fitzgerald is not an NFL quality offense, he absolutely would not be able to get Rodgers under any semblance of control, and as Illinois fan and very familiar with Fitzgerald he wouldn’t even have Devine’s success in GB. Yes to firing Zook, but take Murphy and Ball with him…


You speak with a lot of authority with seemingly nothing to base it on…

What is so terrible about Murphy? Where has he interjected himself where any normal owner across the NFL wouldn’t?

And yes, pat Fitzgerald isn’t an offensive coach, he’d manage the team and bring in an OC to run the offense and call the plays… How can you make claims about the offense he’d run when you have NO idea who the OC would be?


I follow most Illinois teams especially Illinois and Illinois schools and know what defense and offense they run. Further he has a lifetime contract in effect with NU, is a defensive HC was a NU Lb and is not an offensive coach. Watch and study his offense draw your own conclusions.

As to Murphy he stood by and watched Ball and TT run this thing in the ground, bad drafts well recognized before 2015, bad issues in the locker room, issues with coaches and scouts feeling cut out. Second Ball Extended Perry, a really bad decision and didn’t even offer to negotiate with either Heyward or Hyde. He set up this organization where he used the concept of 3 where there was one to combat silos when days earlier he assured the media the GM would have full powers.

Sorry it is not in line with everything will be fine fans want to hear, but while Murphy may indeed get lucky, he is the man that built the damn Silos he wants to fix and let this thing get out of hand with TT failing and Ball playing GM.


I’m a Northwestern fan, seen every game Fitzgerald has coached, but sure, talk down to me about it… I agree he basically has a lifetime contract with NU, he’s a defensive coach and I doubt he’ll leave. I hope he doesn’t leave NU, but none of that is what was being talked about. What offense they run? McCall runs the offense, he’s running largely the same spread scheme he had run at Bowling Green before coming to Northwestern. Fitzgerald is more of a CEO, he brings the team and coaches together. He’s tied to a culture and mentality, not really any specific scheme.

Murphy decided to keep a GM that was still taking us to the NFC Championship game and had gotten us a Super Bowl. He got rid of him at the first realistic opportunity. Had he gotten rid of Thompson after getting to the NFC Championship and things don’t go well immediately after that, he’s basically asking to be fired.

Where is this basis of a bad issues in the locker room and issues with coaches, etc.? I’ve seen nothing notable.

Then you’re assigning things as Ball’s responsibility for when Thompson was the GM, his boss. Those things were Thompson’s call. Ball is in a different role and setup now.

Then on the silos, I can’t even follow what you’re saying… You act like the structure is a bad thing, but have nothing to indicate it is except how you’ve made it up in your head as to how things are operating.


If I offended you it wasn’t my intent, anymore than your apparent at times need to correct me. It doesn’t really bother me and I am sincerely sorry if you feel I want to offend you.

I am not impressed and never have been with Mark Murphy, as a player, AD, or a Packer CEO, it is possible neither of us are right on him.

As to TT he is apparently very very ill. It was obvious over his last 3 years he was slipping. MM to his credit increasing was complaining. It had also been documented that Ball and Thompson were playing an inside game, and scouts were largely locked out. On this I believe the writers.

As to the structure, it was supposed to eliminate Silos, it had strengthened them with Ball , Gute, a HC all under an pseudo owner who now considers himself a “football man”. Like the writers and many packer fans I have deep concerns over this structure.

Finally Fitzgerald I agree would be best where he is, but as I pointed out, for him to leave they would have to put forward a big contract and final say on personnel.