Rodgers would welcome Dez but

He would question why cutting Jordy and bringing in Dez. since that would go against the youth movement.


I sort of agree with Rodgers and I also think it is the same reasons we don’t seem that interested in Dez.

The thing is, I believe Dez is 3 years younger and at this point is probably a MUCH smaller cap hit than $12m. If we get a similar player that is younger and 1/4 the cost, maybe it is worth it? Especially on just a stop gap 1 year term.


I spend time on the ‘Football’s Future’ site and there are endless pages there talking bout Dez. If the Packers wanted a Dez type player, they could have had Jordy on a reasonable salary. They clearly showed they had moved on from Jordy, so i don’t see interest in Dez. On the contrary, I could see a backlash if they hired Dez after losing Jordy.


Rodgers comment about the preference towards young receivers is right on. If they signed Dez I think it would only happen if someone went down or they started to panic in camp because players are not developing like they hope.