Rodgers not conducting the offense


In past years Rodgers would make the needed adjustments at the line, but this year he is not. What is up with that? Could it be that McCarthy dumbed down the offense enough where he can’t. It seems like he is going with mostly what is called no matter if it is right or not. He used to be able to make changes that exposed weaknesses of the defense or added more protection when it warranted.


No doubt the Offense has been pretty boring(vanilla) so far. I’m assuming it has been so because of any combination of Rodgers injury which has limited his practice time with the Offense, new TE, Injuries to veteran WRs who are then replaced by rookies who don’t fully get the offense yet.

The bright spot for me is Rodgers looked to me to have most of his mobility back against Buffalo. I would like to believe that allows him to practice more consistently which should result in more successful Offensive execution.


It would be better if he would be able to make the changes at the line for appropriate protection. But I doubt that is going to happen before December.


Foxy, what makes you think he isn’t making adjustments at the line any more ?

Receivers (Greg Jennings to be exact) have talked about how a flicked finger or subtle eye contact is all that is needed to be on the same page. Why would you stop moving your blockers around to pick up blitzers according to what you see, if you’ve done it in the past ?


Well he isn’t looking around or making signals. He isn’t reading the defense. Maybe because he has WRs that are not on the same page as him when it comes to such things like Graham and other younger guys like Allison who are good at the called play but may not know the options in their current position.

I did play some right tackle, I know how protection is called and the options at the line of scrimmage. You stick with what is called if the offense is dumbed down and/or the skilled positions are not competent in changes to the called play.