Rodgers Must be Salivating


From what I gathered from his phone interview he thought he should have been drafted higher and seems to have a chip on his shoulder. Could be a good or a bad thing.

St. Brown is the only WR out of the 3, whom I have even heard of. I like his chances.

Trevor Davis can go as far as I’m concerned. Alison, I think is a fair player, but would not cry big crocodile tears if he didn’t make it.

I’m alot more interesting in training camp this year than the last 2 years.


St. Brown should have been drafted by the end of the 3rd. He got that info and came out early. Some red flags must have came up regarding him personally because he is a top talent.


Trevor Davis became a professional returner rather than WR. He focused on tape to better his return skills and didn’t focus on his receiving skills to make the team. Allison was a decent 4th stinger…