Rodgers Must be Salivating


over Scantling, They’ve got to teach how to run routes and use his body and he knows he needs to learn.


And in the 6th they got Equanimeous St Brown, who a lot of people expected to go three rounds earlier.


St. Brown has the potential of being in the same category as Julio Jones.


After this draft, I really think Allison, Davis, and Cobb are potential cuts.


I would temper my enthusiasm a little. If all 3 make the team great. I don’t think they are a threat to Cobb. I also think only Allison is a threat to Allison. Moore and St. Brown have pretty good chances. Scantlibg is intriguing, but he is raw. His vertical and lower body explosion aren’t so good. He is closer to 6’5” but he has a slight frame. Mixed reviews on his hands, the stuff I watched I didn’t see them as issue, but some scouts did. I think he is a better prospect than Yancey, but most of us are basing that on a small sample size and the flash of straight line speed.

I do though but that at WR they increased competition and have a good chance of adding promising depth with a couple of these kids.


This guy has Michael Irving specs. He’s says he’s eager to learn. Strength can be added. This could be an all time combination. Rodgers has never thrown to anybody like this. And actually never did Favre.


Aaaaa…Michael Irvin was very physical coming out of Miami…Michael Irvin was a HOF talent. I think we get a little ahead of ourselves when we try to compare any of these kids taken to a player like him, they aren’t, but I like all of them to have a chance to compete for a roster spot. After that it is up to them, but I wouldn’t hang that around him

In general I think they helped themselves in a couple of areas and add some st specialties. If they hit on 3-5 players it will be quite successful, but I wouldn’t get carried away. Metrics show that a 5th or 6th round receiver have less than a 16 % chance to succeed. I do think that this draft had more 6-2 and above large receivers. I think they did a good job of adding some bigger receivers to compete. If 3 years people look back and give this a grade higher than B we should be happy. We had plenty the last 6 that were D or lower…


Potential and Is … are two different things.


The thing is that St. Brown has the speed, the hands, and the wing span to be a superstar. He played college in a cold climate, he is more ready for the conditions in Green Bay than the others. He should have been picked in the first 3 rounds. I think teams looked at his frame and decided he was too thin.


A lot of these kids have a chance to come in and compete. The Punter and LS have a strong chance even. Clearly the corners will play, how much is up to them. Burks is likely to contribute and play both in packages and st. The big OL is getting to panned by writers, but looks a lot like Packer Ol. They see something in him. He works out like a lot of the Packer Day 3 picks. He has a good chance. Each of the receivers has some things to overcome, but I like the size and think they have a chance to compete. I know why Moore was there, and you can see some of the flaws in Scantling just watching, but I am with you on St. Brown. Don’t really know why he was still there at the end of round 6. Size and speed ought to give him a good look alone. Maybe teams felt he left ND to soon.


Obviously it’s a big stretch, but great fundamentals to work with. Was Irwin ever tall and skinny? If so how did he grow up to be physical? If it’s the result of an exercise program, this guy could do the same.

Of course Janis embodied the same potential and never panned out. Do we thin he was fundamentally a head case, not taking advice or discipline, or did he run up against physical limitations? It’ll be interesting to see if hw blossoms in Buffalo.


I really feel that he has the potential to be the best Wr in this draft. I’m surprised that the Pats didn’t draft him.


St Brown’s dad was Mr Universe. He’s plenty strong, how many receivers can do 20 reps of 225? I don’t think his build will be a problem.


He has strong tendons which is a good thing. Might have issues taking big hits because of his frame.


Apparently teams worried about his sense of urgency how important football is to him. Some thought he didn’t play as fast as he runs. The other thing they nicked him for was his hands. They were concerned that he used his body and wasn’t enough of a snatch through the air catcher. He didn’t put the ball on the ground so that one doesn’t make me squeam.

The how important is the game and urgency thing is usually a big deal. He has a pretty good opportunity to prove them wrong…


I also read where his percentage of catches on contested balls was rather low. For a guy his size he would think that might be a strength. Not to mention his statistical production dropping off significantly without Kayseri throwing to him in 2017

But, I really like this pick. Here’s a measurables are crazy good. Hopefully dropping in the draft along with lots of competition draws out the great potential he appears to have


Yeah in 6 worth the gamble. Scantling is intriguing. His knock was he is very raw and lower body. Moore is interesting. There’s an off field issue of some kind and the 40 time. They were trying to pay Johnson 14 M a year plus and his 40 was similar pre knee. I think Mizzou has lots of behavior issues. If they can keep him on the straight and narrow, keep his attitude right he could contribute.

To some extent on day 3 it is always a scratch and dent sale. You are looking for what you can’t teach which all these guys have, especially length and what you can fix. I like at least 2, which who knows, if not all to compete. Like the 2 ST to do well and Cole looks like the late pick OL they have success with.


Bingo - St. Browns issue is if he wants to play.

If he truly does WANT to play - he could be the next Calvin Johnson if he wants to be. It’s really all up to him.

Also reminds me of Moss - “I play when I want to play”


He has a similar body to Randy Moss rather than Calvin Johnson.


They St. Brown draft pick reminds me of Alshon Jeffery years ago. A lot of big boards had him high, but he fell much farther than expected. Look at him now! That may be the steal of the draft, next to Josh Jackson in R2.