Rodgers hinted last week at being at the end of his career


He made a reference about his career, nearing the end and seeing the 18th hole coming. His play tends to be more like that of a person trying not to get hurt. He knows the opportunity is dwindling and wants to be healthy when he gets a shot now. He often fights the system he is in now, that seems to fit the skill set of a younger QB. If this was five years ago, he may have been undefeated in this offense. Injuries have taken a toll.

I hate to say this again, but it may be time to draft a backup QB in the first round like they did when they drafted Rodgers when they had Favre.


Something appears wrong, it is hard to know for sure, but he has some real attitude issues at strange times. Thought his play was excellent in qtr 1, inexplicable a lot of the remainder of the game. His temper kicks in, he sits on the ball and runs the clock down to zero. I tend to buy it, he isn’t enjoying or really buying the offense.

All wins are good, but today was one of those freaky ass games where you can almost here Lombardi yelling out at Rodgers “what the hell is going on out there?”