Rodgers Deal Done


Is there room to trade and sign Mack??


Basically it doesn’t ruin the future, a front loaded contract like never before.


Rodgers could have forced Green Bay’s hand. He didn’t. As the article states he pretty much took a standard deal. He is prone to being a bit sensitive. Hopefully this doesn’t come back to bite everyone involved in a few years.


The only way that happens is if they draft his replacement in 2019.


Yeah, this deal isn’t bad at all. Matt Ryan got $30m a year, and now Rodgers is at roughly the same over the next 6 years (I’m considering it a 6 year deal, not just a 4 year deal as it modifies this year and next as well). Yes, Rodgers is a little older, but I also think he’s clearly better. This is a GREAT deal for the Packers as far as I see it.