Rodgers comments


I find Rodgers comments about needing to keep feeding Davante Adams the ball interesting. Here is a later quote about the subject… “I mean Davante is a tough cover, and I expect to play great every week,” Rodgers said. “I’ve got to keep finding ways to get him the ball, I’ve got to keep moving him around. We did a good job tonight of moving him around [to the] No. 2, No. 3 [receiver spots]. But I’ve got to keep looking his way.”

I know Adams is our best WR, but this seems to be the exact opposite philosophy we had during the peak years of this offense. When we were damn near impossible to stop we simply threw to the open guy. Our top 4 WR’s were better than the oppositions top 4 DB’s. It seems his idea is to look to his best players rather than take what’s there. Maybe there is nothing to it, but I find it interesting.


Are our top 4 guys better? Cobb is out most of the time. Now Allison will be out for awhile. I like EVS but still green. I don’t see us being very deep anymore.


He trusts very few these days including Cobb who used to be trusted but has lost 10 steps like Cheeseburger Lacy did. The young guys have yet to earn that trust. MVS and ESB are on their way but they are not up to Rodgers standards yet. So Basically that leaves Adams.


I think there is a little more to it. First, not only is Rodgers hurt and playing hurt, but anyway we cut it, Rodgers is being hit far too much. I know it has been common across the net, to criticize Rodgers, but he has a knee issue that may not be fixed until the offseason. And while it is easy to throw a lot on Rodgers, he has been on the ground a lot with his Ol looking down at him have been beaten badly. I give Rodgers high marks for playing with very little support from MM sputtering playcalling and inability to clean up broad dumb mistakes. Now we release players to send messages, what the hell is MM job, be very wary here, Gute wouldn’t have to be sending messages if MM weren’t losing control of this ship.

Maybe more importantly, what do the 2012-2018 draft have in common? Very little balance at the top for any offensive talent. It is not just that the results have been particularly good, it is that so little success. Look no further than the Safety position. Now after mothballing Jones, Whitehead is cut to send a message. I don’t think MM who is the mothballer in chief of Jones, made this decision. I have to believe Gute made this decision to get Jones on the field to see what they have.

Rodgers said something interesting recently about loving coaching that had played QB. I have to believe while some is over the loss of his QB it is a subtle shot at MM too.

I don’t think MM is likely to be fired like many, while I may think he should be shown the door, but I don’t think this team is a real contender, and some of these moves are so aggressive as possibly to say everything is on the table.


I think the Packers are definitely in the mode of 1 eye on the Playoffs, and 1 eye looking toward the future. The results will dictate which mode they put the focus on going forward this season.

Rodgers said it, “They can play with anybody” i.e. possibly being 1 turnover away in each of the Rams/Pats games from winning either or both. So it’s not like they’re miles away. But they also aren’t clearly a Super Bowl contender this year. I’ll always root for winning every game, making the Playoffs, and hopefully being the hottest team going at that time. We won our last Super Bowl with exactly that dynamic.

But, sitting here at 3-4-1, I think we win this week, but then 2 tough road games. If we split them we’re 5-5-1 and likely need to run the table to make the Playoffs. So, I’ll root for that while also acknowledging that it probably wouldn’t be the worst thing to have Rodgers start 16 games and NOT make the Playoffs winning 8 or 9 games in the process. That way we aren’t sitting here saying, “If we had only had Rodgers the whole season…”

That type result would be more likely to cause a look in the mirror that would benefit this team, and hopefully cause us to make some tough decisions that likely need to be made. 10 draft picks, including 2 picks each in the 1st, 4th, and 6th, along with $47 million in cap space, make such a strategy much more effective.


I blame Danica Patrick… just kidding. I couldn’t resist.


The future is MVS and ESB, Alexander, Jackson. Yeah King is too. Maybe Josh Jones. Now it is time to Upgrade OL and LB. It is about putting the talent on the field now, We spent too many years of TT trying to pound a square peg into a round hole.

Cole Madison was supposedly to be a big part of the equation, but who knows if he will ever show up literally. Maybe next year. Hopefully they will not have to draft the replacement for a top talent that never showed up because of personally issues.