Predict complete O line through 2018 (inc PS)


Here is my too-early effort.
start of season - Bulaga on pup.
On roster: (9) Bakhtiari, Taylor, Linsley, McCray, Murphy, Spriggs, Patrick, Madison, Amichia
starters week 1: LT Bakhtiari, LG Lane Taylor, C Corey Linsley, RG McCray, RT Murphy.
week 7: Bulaga (comes off pup) Amichia to PS
week 8 Bulaga starts RT, Madison starts RG

PS Amichia, Alsadek.

I’ll admit it was very hopeful to put Madison in as a starter week 8, but he did a ton of pass blocking at Washington State, who throw the ball all the time. Murphy or McCray is probably more realistic, but I’ll roll the dice with hope, that it turns out to be Madison.

I might re-visit this when the preseason games get going, to see how near, or far away, this guess is.


LT Bakhtiari, LG Lane Taylor, C Corey Linsley, RG Spriggs, RT Murphy (Until Bulaga comes back)


I wonder if Spriggs will ever take that next big step and push Bulaga for RT starting role. I don’t think he’s well suited for Guard. I think their plan is to work Madison into the RG spot by mid-year.


I think they will start off with Spriggs at G. Then when Madison knows the offense better he will get his shot. Spriggs is serviceable at G for a short time while that happens. Yes he is more of a Tackle.


I think Spriggs is on the bubble big time. In 2 years they haven’t been able to correct the toxic flaw of losing balance and getting beat with inside moves, left or right side, it is a toxic flaw. They are going to guarantee Rodgers 110 M minimum, Spriggs will either prove what they have tried to fix for two years is fixed, or they will cut him and either fill from within or bring someone in. He came out of Indiana with this issue and it is as bad as ever. I really question whether he has the size and strength, bulk in terms of size to pay @ G. Time will tell, but Spriggs just to me has the hallmarks of a bust.


I’d agree that Spriggs is unlikely to be a starter-level guard, or even a backup there. Mauling strength just isn’t what he does well. His makeup is a super-athletic, but not very strong player. That says it’s tackle or bust, for him.