Performance last season


C’mon Mike McCarthy,after Brett Hundley’s performance last season do you really think people are going to believe your assessment of Kizer!

Rob Demovsky
ESPN Staff Writer

Mike McCarthy had high praise for new backup quarterback DeShone Kizer, comparing him to the top QBs in this year’s draft: “In my opinion, if he was in that class this year, he would’ve been part of that group of first four guys, or first five. I always felt there were five, the five quarterbacks, first-round guys. I think he has exceptional arm talent. What we’re asking him to do is, particularly the footwork and just how he fits the scheme, and how he operate is brand new to him. That always excites me, because when you see that guy has no experience or background but has the ability, to me that’s an opportunity for a lot of growth. So I think he has a bright future.”


I think it was more of Thompson wanting it to turn out.


MM’s training of Hundley was substandard if his performance in actual games was graded. To know how many YEARS Hundley was in Green Bay & to execute so poorly in games caused me many unanswered questions.


Hundley was trained to coach. Not to play.


Hundleys play (against mostly poor teams) was poor. His QB coach has left the buillding. I think he will follow before long. Sorry to be negative.


Nothing negative there. That’s why they brought Kizer in.


Kizor is in a different category than Hundley. Kizor played for a bad team with no experience. Hundley lacks the arm, ability to read the field. I really think they were training a coach rather than a QB.


Kizer has the solid build and the big arm. What really matters is:

  1. Can he read the field
  2. Can he put the ball where it needs to be consistently

If he can do/learn those, he could really be something…and GB is almost perfect for him, behind the best ever QB, with minimal pressure on him. Rodgers was nowhere near the player when drafted that he was after 3 years.


I agree, I think Kizer has a great chance to succeed here. He did not have general accuracy issues in college, that came more in the pros and isn’t really a surprise for a rookie learning a new offense, just thinking too much. If he can learn behind Rodgers and under McCarthy I think things could work out well, though that is also what I thought about Hundley…


Tough to know. McCarthey is exceptional at arrogant stick and pompous self grading. He always gives himself an A.

My take is Rodgers buys in because McCarthey lets him operate freely. Rodgers is a great talent, but he loves to camp for the perfect throw and loves deep throws. Unfortunately they will never get him all the line help he needs to do that. They are so far from basic WCO scheme short passing. And it shows in GB Ol stats. It also showed last season when Hundley was forced into action. Kizer is a talent, but quite the opposite of the rhetoric, McCarthey hasn’t done a whole hell of a lot with QBs over the last 12 years. Rodgers developed Rogers excluded. He has something to work with in Kizer though.


MM is 100% right that Kizer would’ve been a first rounder this year. He was almost a first rounder in 2017 and obviously should’ve stayed in school another year. Had he done so there’s no reason to think he wouldn’t have been even better at ND in 2017 and clearly have been a first round pick in the 2018 draft.

I think we can figure that out without McCarthy telling us. Kizer probably played about as well with Cleveland last year as any of the first round QBs from the 2018 draft would have played had they entered the 2017 draft.

Brian Kelly said last year after Kiser declared for the 2017 draft that he thought Kiser should’ve stayed at Notre Dame a year longer.