Pass Blocking Grade of all teams


Saw this while viewing PFF website and was surprised to see the PACKERS ranked this low;

  1. Green Bay Packers

2017 pass-blocking efficiency: 78.2

Best individual PBE: David Bakhtiari, 98.0

The Packers ended the 2016 campaign ranked first among teams with a PBE of 84.8, but 2017 was a different story, as their PBE rating of 78.2 saw them slide all the way down to 17th. This can be attributed to the fact that the Packers offensive line was one of the most fluid units in the NFL last year, with eight different players logging at least 100 pass-block snaps. The star of the show, as expected, was left tackle David Bakhtiari. Over the course of his career, Bakhtiari has logged 2,900 pass block snaps, and if compared to tackles with at least 2,500 pass-block snaps during the PFF era, he’s allowed the ninth-fewest sacks (22), the fewest quarterback hits (16), the fewest quarterback hurries (95) and the fewest total pressures (133). The 2017 season was likely a blip on the radar for this talented unit and if they can stay healthy in 2018, you can expect them to be near the top of this list a season from now.


With the sheer number of injuries there I’m somewhat impressed. We’ll see how the unit does this year if we can stay healthy.


Another interesting discussion, I would rank them as average with one really excellent T and an above average LG and C. I would give them a C. The right side is problematic.

Two recent developments make the Ol more fascinating. The Packers have yet to extend Rodgers. We know he wants a significant special contract which likely means a historic guarantee. In light of that potential, a shaky right side of the Ol takes on new meaning. I keep struggling with Rodgers tendency to hang on to the ball for the perfect play and the image of him rolling right.

Lastly, Mark Murphy has put his house up for sale, as he says he is down sizing and intends to move to smaller house behind his property or apartment. I assume that has some kind of meaning about him maybe winding down… maybe it is nothing but worth keeping an eye on.


Given that his children (is it 4 ?) are old enough to leave home (and maybe already have), it is a very normal thing to downsize, as you get older. He may be winding down but on it own, downsizing doesn’t mean much.


Translates that is way too much up keep to handle a house that big and too little time.