Paralyzed Packer


For old timers, for some reason I’m trying to remember the name of a packer player who was paralyzed I think in the preseason early in Lombardi’s tenure. Any takers?


I don’t remember any player being paralyzed. So I googled it and still got nothing. So I’m stumped.


I couldn’t find anything either. I think I remember Lombardi being very upset by it. Probably 59 or 60.


Google failed me as well. I could not find anything.


I agree with the others. I was a fan pre-Lombardi (albeit a youngster) and I don’t recall ever hearing about something like this. Plenty of career-ending injuries, but outside of Stingley and a Lion, I don’t think even throughout the NFL has anyone been permanently paralyzed.


Thew name Joe Francis is in my memory. He in fact broke his leg in 1960. That’s probably what I’m thinking.


No idea the name. Wasn’t during a bag tackling drill?


Not paralyzed but a bunch of close calls like Tim Lewis, Gary Berry S, and more recently Finley and Collins just to name a few.


Going back to the golden era, a Lion died on the field against the Bears of a heart attack and Darryl Stingley was paralyzed. Players are so big and fast today. In the old era guys like Butkus and Ray N were as violent as it gets. At the U if I they wouldn’t let him practice with the team. Today it is pretty scary…


I was recollecting Lombardi in his first or second year visiting in the hospital a seriously injured Packer hurt in training camp. I though Joe Francis and paralyzed but it appears I am mistaken.


I don’t recall any player getting paralyzed in the Lombardi era but didn’t John Brockington seriously injure a Cinncinati Bengal during his seond yar with the team.

In fact outside the death of Harold Lucas (NY Titans) 1962 and the the serious neck injury suffered by Frank Gifford (NY Giants) those type injuries were extremely rare


My coach back years ago spoke of that and the importance of keeping your head up while tackling. But It may not be true as the world was not connected back them. Someone may have just got knocked out and it turned into a rumor…