Paralyzed Packer


For old timers, for some reason I’m trying to remember the name of a packer player who was paralyzed I think in the preseason early in Lombardi’s tenure. Any takers?


I don’t remember any player being paralyzed. So I googled it and still got nothing. So I’m stumped.


I couldn’t find anything either. I think I remember Lombardi being very upset by it. Probably 59 or 60.


Google failed me as well. I could not find anything.


I agree with the others. I was a fan pre-Lombardi (albeit a youngster) and I don’t recall ever hearing about something like this. Plenty of career-ending injuries, but outside of Stingley and a Lion, I don’t think even throughout the NFL has anyone been permanently paralyzed.


Thew name Joe Francis is in my memory. He in fact broke his leg in 1960. That’s probably what I’m thinking.


No idea the name. Wasn’t during a bag tackling drill?