Packers Vs Titans Pre-Season 2018


Hundley stinks. Kizer looks good. St Brown can catch the ball… The other rookies… not so much.

Rollins gets torched on the first drive, and fumbles on the return… Tick Tock…


Looks like Scantling is coming around in the 2nd half. Kizer is looking better with his throws.


Scantling starting to look more like Jordy.

Kizer needs work on crowded areas like the end zone. Got to learn how to punch it in.


So the DC is in the box… anyways he is not doing as much base as he did in the first half. Still basic defense… Good not to show too much.


Boyle has got an arm with accuracy. Too bad the WRs can’t catch or get both feet in bounds. Appears to be a good pocket passer.


I like Scantling, he just looks fast. As a rookie he might be a kind of one trick pony, but we need someone who can stretch the field and I think he can.

Also, Kumerow continues to play well.


Kizer is looking like the #2 QB to me. Between the 20s he was good, but struggled a LOT in the red zone. I’d hope he improves there throughout camp.


Scantling just seems like a speedster. St. Brown is the first down catcher. Moore seems lost. But we will know more once they get some time with Rodgers. With play tonight Kizer and Boyle are ahead of Hundley.


Moore seemed to be doing a lot of the right things, his body movement looked good, he was getting open enough, he just couldn’t finish with the catch. It seemed sort of like Adams early in his career. I think there is a lot of potential there, if he can finish.


It’s looking like the decision on which WRs to keep is going to be a tough one. Davis might be feeling nervous, even though he is the returner.

I cannot imagine any scenario where they keep 5 receivers at cutdown. It’s going to be 6 or 7 this year.

With 6 receivers, how do you keep Kumerow…Equally, how can you NOT keep him ?

Could any of Kumerow, MVS, ESB, Moore be put on the Packers PS, and then NOT be claimed ?


It looks like St. Brown is on the same level as Allison with more upside with size and catch radius. Scantling looks like Nelson in the second half. Moore looked lackluster.

I would say that Davis and Allison maybe out.


Even though Hundley made some plays, I just don’t trust him. I liked the way Kizer kept looking to make something out of nothing. My impression of Hundley was that he was content to take what he was given and not think outside the box.

I thought Kumrow, St. Brown and Valdez-Scantling all showed promise.

I was not impressed with the defense in the 1st half but they are a work in progress and had some moments in the 2nd half.


Jackson was very impressive and the PI call on him was total BS. The first half with defense was in base and most of the starters were held out. The second half they showed more with a lot of guys that won’t make the team.


I agree, I see St. Brown already at the same/similar level as Allison, Allison is not really impressing me. I think we keep 6 and those six are: Adams, Cobb, Kumerow, Moore, MVS, and St. Brown

Yes, not a lot of experience behind the top two, but we also have Graham at TE and each of those four behind bring something different. Individually they are too young to be complete, but teach them each to their strengths and use them that way and they can contribute right away, imho.

I’m really starting to buy into Kumerow. He’s reminding me a bit of Nelson, I’m liking what I’m seeing.


McCarthy said in his presser today that the young guys (at WR) did it better (getting out of the blocks) than some of the veterans. I assume that Allison and Davis are the ones he is talking about.


I really like what I saw from the 3 draft pick wr, have to keep them none would make it through waivers. Overall impressed with draft picks.

Overall liked a lot, but plenty of concerns. Spriggs are Murphy are not NFL quality talent, sorry but after 3 camps and two years, they don’t have it. Defense and pass rush is a work in progress, but overall the wr rookies are so impressive I am encouraged. That said the OL continues to scare the hell out of me.


I agree, no room at the inn for Davis and if they don’t keep 7 the 3 rookie wr have to stay. I would take it further all 3 have higher ceilings than any receiver not named Davante Adams…

None of the 3 draft picks make it through waivers and all 3 have high ceilings.

My concern with this team remain pass rush and OT and last night did nothing to allay those concerns…,


No none would make it through too much talent…


I’m thinking that Moore will end up on IR or PUP so that they can keep him.


I can see them putting a young receiver on IR, but that is tricky. But yeah one of the young guys could…

The sense of the erratic local media seems to be Spriggs may be on his way out. I can see them stash him on PUP , but more likely he looks like a very quick hook. There is a pretty interesting discussion with him about his balance and weight shift on GBPG. Really seems like they may be concluding the QB behind him is at risk. Saw zero progress from him Thursday.

Interesting speculation on the Packers trading for Mack. First RM and Gruden being unwilling to pay him, should be flag. Second, maybe at a 1, but no to both 1’s or plus. I think Mack is a good player, but he is 27, and wants to be paid. Ha Ha wants to be paid to, I am not sure I would want give myself another pain in the ass…