Packers Vs Steelers (2018 Pre Season)


Will Rodgers play? If so how much? Will Moore still be lagging behind EQ and MVS? Will the defense show a little more?


With these Receivers Hundley look at average to below average at best.


They were bringing the heat against Rodgers and he looked rusty. But lucky he has talent at WR and TE.


Williams with the INT on the first play, he looks like the best DB we have even afterwards.


Kizer is reading the field better than Hundley,


MVS looked crappy and ST. Brown did too. But Moore looked like a street FA out of his moms basement.


Great game. Aside from Tramon’s pick 6 on the 1st play, the defense looked cr@**^ initially. Missed tackles all over the place…HaHa, I’m talking to you.
They seemed to settle down a little later and Gilbert was on fire. MM said he was kicking himself for not bringing him up last year. Duh! I’ll help you out with a few of those kicks. Jackson appears to be ready, with his pick 6 as well.

I gotta say, when Aaron began to play I must have been extremely nervous, because I kept yelling, “No, don’t run. Watch out”. :blush: :grin:
He made some terrific throws to Adams and Graham. They looked ready to go.

Looks like Kumerow definitely has a spot on the roster. I’m beginning to think Alison may not have a spot, or Davis, almost a certainty. I didn’t see the whole game but from what I saw, Alison didn’t have any catches.


GBkrzygrl, You got the remark about Dix right. The end of last season(last 6 games) Dix at times in every game he just stood there & watch as the opponents player ran past him. I was believing at that time he must have been playing hurt. After the missed tackles & coverage failures on passes last night I now believe he is a backup up player at best.



I find that hard to believe after playing several years at a very high level. Last year, with the injuries in the secondary he was asked to play a different role. It might take some time for him to get going again this year, but I see a lot of potential there.


Isn’t Allison going to be suspended. I thought I heard that somewhere.