Packers vs Chiefs Pre-Season 2018


With only 55 players making the Trip, we will see what they have tomorrow night.


Ready for the final Pre Season game to start!


First drive Kizer throws an INT. But it looked like he threw to a spot and St. Brown didn’t go deep enough on the route.


Boyle is a gunslinger like Favre and built like him too. I wish KC would put some heat on him and force him out of the pocket so we can see his decision making skills.


I would say that Boyle has the most NFL ready arm. I would take him over Kizer.


I don’t know that I’d go THAT far.

Boyle has a good arm, but definitely needs more time. I’d trust Kizer as a backup over Boyle now, but Boyle MIGHT have more potential.


He does, he looked like Favre on the Falcons team. He needs some work, but he has the tools.