PACKERS trading up?


There are rumors printed on several PACKER sites that Gutekunst wants to trade up in the 1st round. For them to get the player they want they’ll have to make the trade with the Tampa Bay who have the 7th pick. After
the 7th pick come the Bears,49ers & Raiders who will be seeking defensive players and I doubt these 3 will make a trade with the PACKERS. Gutekunst has 12 picks but I don’t know how many he’d have to give away to move that far up.


I take anything written right now with a grain of salt. There has been some people writing stuff for clicks and views.


I think it’s more likely Gutey trades up in the end of the first to get another first rounder (ala Clay Matthews). With 12 picks total - I would bet we draft no more than 10 players, maybe less.


Keep in mind that trade costs at least this years 3 and a future pick, maybe this years 2. And that price would need the QBs gone at least first 4.


Looks like 13 QB’s will be drafted 1 to 13 so Bradley Chubbs will be there for us.


At this hour no one seems to know what Cleveland even is going to do at 1. Baker Mayfield is gaining steam as their choice, but everyone but Rosen is speculated. Lots of talk about Packers going up. But again no really concrete stuff. Ian Rappaport says other teams say the Packers are wanting to get up but mentions the standard people. One interesting twist, he mentions one of the guys they might be after is Alabama Lb Evans. That is a little surprising. And finally looked at 7 mocks from Big names today. No common thing shocking that there is no real sense even on the first 6. 7 different picks. The worst is I think Florio predicting DJ Moore at 14, that would be really bad…no way that makes any sense whatsoever…


Cleveland should go after both Barkley and later Chubbs but will take Sam Darnold


Pardon my ignorance but who is D J Moore sarafar mentioned in recent post?


WR from Maryland, it’s between him and Ridley from Alabama as the #1 rcvr prospect.


I could see us trading up, or down, depending how the draft falls. It is a spot where someone could easily fall to us, or it could be a spot that everyone we’d want in the top half of the first round is gone by then.

Like if the best we like of Ward, James, or Fitzpatrick falls past #10, I could see us going up a couple spots to grab him. I don’t know that I see us going higher than 10 unless we fell in love with someone, and the draft seems deep enough at the top that I kind of doubt we’re that set on any one player.


Well,the Raiders might be willing to trade. Good to see your post KarlZimm.


Only if you like Vea. I like Davenport so yeah, but I don’t think they do. I question whether James or Edmunds will be there. Hope Washingtin takes Vea if the Packers don’t like Davenport.


Best news of the draft. They will have a good player there unless they blow this with both James and Edmunds on the board at 13.


Wow they are sitting at 14 and will choose from James and Edmunds, wow wow, pls don’t mess it up!


Too late… Ted Thompson must have snuck in war room and made the trade when no one was looking…


I don’t get people being upset at not taking James or Edmunds over Alexander. James and Edmunds might be slightly better players than Alexander, but they’re at much lower value positions. CB is a big money position, safety and ILB simply aren’t. There is a reason those are generally the two lowest paid positions on the defense.

Now, if we were talking a pass rusher, that is maybe a slightly more valuable position, but the only worthwhile pick there was probably Davenport. I think he has potential, but that pick is definitely a risk.

I like what we did. I’m a fan of Alexander and if it weren’t for the injuries last year I’m pretty sure he’d have been the #1 CB in this draft. Just look at his tape from 2016, then look at his measurables. The only downside you see is his size.


Yeah we can wait until next year.


Well we will see in 2 years. With Davenport it may take time. Alexander clearly filled a bigger need to them zero doubt they will draft more cornerers as early two. Alexander plays fast and is quick too. He is short and while he is horizonically explosive his vertical wasn’t great. It will be interesting to see if he has trouble with large receivers.

At the end of the day NOLA and GB are now evaluation linked. Both are betting they are correct, most trades don’t set the world on fire :fire: . Day 2 and 3 should be interesting…