Packers sign WR David Funchess


A big bodied wr. Hopefully he will make an impact.


He is a similar body type to Allen Lazard, who had more success in the current Packers offense than the next big star from the previous season MVS.


Interesting move, but supposedly on minimal contract. They have 3 receivers that are big and not very fast. One in Lazard who also seems strong enough to beat press coverage. 2 receivers are big and sub 4.5 so 5 very big WR. What they need is a press beater, with self generation separation ability. Reagor seems a great fit.

What does it mean, probably not as much as we might think. This offseason seams more in fitting with Packers tradition, by that I mean consistency of the way they grade and draft and value draft positions. 30 makes it very difficult. By that I mean, they don’t draft receivers in the first round. More likely position in this round is OT, maybe LB, maybe DT, but if they like Mimms or Reagor, who knows. Reagor might not make it past 31. Reagor is very versatile.

In the final analysis, I think they may be signally OT and if they really like a receiver maybe they trade up in 2. Over 29 years they have demonstrated they value OT highly and their system rewards it. We have not seen a 1 used in 9 years but having spent a higher 2 last season in a G/C may signal the return to higher value in OL pics…


ESB is tall but not thick, a more talented version of Allison. More of a lanky. It seemed like Lazard had success due to his size and strength. Funchess fits the mold for worked with the Packers last year.

Teams like the 49ers have put defensive fronts first in the draft. The Packers have spent a lot of early picks on DB’s. There seems to be more success with offensive line outside the first round as they don’t have expectations. I would prefer not to reach on someone in the first round. If there was some one there to keep o-line off from our LBs, it might be advised to take him as there is little to no talent around Clark.


Plus given the Packers history, they have a higher success rate with wide receivers in the second round and beyond.


You are doing a good job.Absolutely could be a big, OL or DL, Wolf System was wary of WR early. All gas has to do with grade bias and position value. Not much to argue about Gute and most Wolf Lts are needs drafters. Pic 30 throws a monkey wrench in some senses. I can see them moving up or more likely down especially if it were a WR or LB. Very difficult draft for good organization, should be interesting…


This ought to be called The Who knows draft? What we know is they obviously have 3 areas of need. Those are OT , ILB and WR. They more I watch, the more I really like 3 more players, OT Jones, ILB Murray and Reagor. I have one Qb I am high on, won’t reveal that or his flaw, but his talent is incredible. Incredible talent if he is there…

So who knows, they have to be going crazy that they can’t cross check, but we probably need this…


I would add in another position of DL. Kenny Clark is our only decent DL and he is going to be a high priced FA next year.


It could be a DL or OL, but the supply there is thinner. I think a trade down most likely unless a LB they want is there. They were apparently very much in Sanders. They were said to be interested in a TE and receiver also who were high dollar. So they are very interested in getting better at WR, that is getting very clear.

I don’t know now if the NFL really goes through and holds the draft this month. Doesn’t seem likely but who knows.


Apparently the two I didn’t name were Hooper and Anderson, but they dropped out when the price got to high.


I think that the draft will be held, it might not be the spectacle that is made for TV. It might be more like the pre-ESPN draft. I really don’t think that a first rounder is needed on OL. I would expect Veldheer to be back, Rodgers went out of his way to say that he really liked him. During his playing time, he did better in the scheme than Bulaga. This is going to be a draft team as long as Rodgers is getting the money he is right.


On Veldheer seem that there are two schools of thought. One is he would never hold up more than a couple of games, as he had big injury issues and not much in the tank. The other that he might have something left. My take, they paid decent money for a couple of year at most stop gap OL. So if Veldheer comes back, big if it would be at the minimum or near. Not sure that happens.

We will see there are a few OL that fit what they want and dL maybe one is there at 30. Martinez pc was interesting, I think we knew some of that. I still lean OL or WR if they like someone, but could be DL, CB or RB. Packers are a needs drafting team, so you have to think, they not view DL or LB like some of us.

One other factor to consider, some of these teams have huge cap problems, so some players may shake loose. Watkins has a huge no… He won’t be traded. It is a rework or cut. The Rams are shopping a high profile 26 or 27 year old for a 3, but the money is a problem. But were KC to cut Watkins and the Packers structure a deferred deal, that could really change the draft.



Veldheer wouldn’t be a long term fix. But to allow the draftee time to grow and be able to take on Mack and other rushers like him. I realize that they have the Smiths but game time is different than practice. The new tackles that they will bring in will be the guys who Rodgers will end with and the future QB will start with.


He Yeah, I could see that.

Interesting stuff today. They had a virtual visit with Josh Jones OT, interesting kid, his film is pretty good, he did well at the Sr Bowl, and has a good record. The other thing, they had planned to bring in 4 or 5 top QBs. One who isn’t in the mocks where I thought he would be, is on that list. Great list of things good about the kid, but whispers he doesn’t put it all out. Who knows, but this far, the QBs tied to Gute were big, with big arms.

I continue to have questions about Pettine, and wonder how much more draft they should give him until he shows he can Coach up kids and get them improving. His scheme to me doesn’t seem all that sound.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a QB, but still think some kind of lineman and receiver are probably more likely.


It seems sound because Pettine adapts to the talent. His defense improved with rushers, however he doesn’t have the line to hold up against the run. More talent will lead to less limitation to what he can do.

I really think that a QB is an option, is it needed right now. We didn’t need Rodgers when we have Favre too. In a normal draft, Rodgers and Smith would have dropped (Rodgers would have been a second rounder).


I do agree Qb could be a higher need. It is hard to tell what they see as the biggest need. Most systems are biased and Wolf and Thompson were big beliebers in QB and Bigs pushed up. Hard to tell, this is a very strange draft.


A top 10 talent could fall. Hopefully the scouts have done their homework. There is a lot of equal quality players from smaller schools too. A younger (pre injurys) Rodgers would have been the perfect QB in this system. Having a young guy waiting in the wings is the best option. Rodgers may or may not be around after his contract.


So years ago and even during the difficult 15-17 run, I often was too critical and harsh in criticizing Ted Thompson. He always did what he thought what was in the interest of the Packers, and was unfair, for that I apologize to him and wish him all the best.

As to DL, definitely could be, it is very difficult to know how the FO sees it. I would guess they are committed to Kenny Clark, they say they are committed to Lowry. The rest who knows, but Pettine seems very defiant about not believing in gap control schemes and just wanting penetration. So balancing all that, finding a fit in dL in this draft at 30 might be very hard. DL who are there are going to have some knicks and questions.


A couple of things, they have been committed to big schools for a long time.Wolf built in and the assistants followed it. They also generally look for winning tradition. But they do sometimes deviate a little as in Collins early 2.
The other thing some are saying is that receivers will be slower to pick up systems and establish rapport with QBs which will push them down on some boards. That makes some sense.


A couple of things. To get an idea of grades, rough idea, we have to find a standard. For the last several years maybe 5, I use NFL and this year there are a lot of grades 6 or higher.

I f you like speed there are a couple of guys to keep an eye. Hamsler from Penn State is very intetesting. Add in Antonio Gipson MSU is very interesting, although he has been stick behind great backs until this season, is a very interesting gadget weapon.