Packers sign LB Toomer, place WR Kumerow on IR


It stinks because Kumerow played exactly the way that Nelson did.


At least the Packers waited, leaving him him on the final 53, before they IR’s him. Now he can come back halfway through the season.


Well I guess it was on him diving into the endzone with the shoulder. But yeah, he had the old school Jordy type of big play in him.


I don’t have a down on Kumerow because he dived and hurt his shoulder. Better to have an occasional accident than become a no-fun league.

It’s like parents going over the top, trying to wrap their kids up in cotton wool to protect them from the outside world. You need to let them grow, and part of that is an occasional hurt.


Not saying that. Was saying it was on him, not the trainers or coaching staff.