Packers rumered to be interested in Atlanta TE. 2020


Do you think Austin Hooper would work?


They are going to release or significantly reduce Graham, and he would be great with Sternberger. Jace did a great job at the end of the season, and they are very pleased with him and Gary. Hooper knows the scheme so yeah, makes sense


Sternberger doesn’t look like a TE, he looked like a big WR (Like Jordy Nelson).


I think he honestly is a TE, a matchup nightmare as Gute indicated. I think I watched film on 6 games at AM. He was drawing comparisons to Kelce but he will get better and bigger with time. This offense loves TE’s so I don’t think one limits the other and yes, all in on Hooper. Graham is gone… and there are some other contracts they will walk on. It will be interesting on Bulaga and Crosby. All these fa will depend on price. Bulaga is going to be very hard. I wouldn’t overpay Tramon he can take the Asst Secondary Coach, Secondary Coach is out and that is a good thing…


That is what I’am saying. I am concerned about him blocking in the NFL. Hopefully he will develop into a good blocker as well. Hooper would be a huge upgrade over Graham in the short term.


A couple weeks of things, they will be making an additional 12.5 in cap space by terminating Graham and Taylor’s contract. I think they could easily replace Linsley with a pick or with Jenkins moving over and drafting a guard. Who knows on Bulaga, tough call given his injury history and what someone will offer. Someone is very likely to shock people. If he goes market I don’t see the Packers wanting to match it. Tramon William at 5 M is even dicey and more or longer would be nuts. Buzz is Martinez wants to be paid like Wagner and CJ Mosley… now that is insane.

Atlanta is hard against the cap , so while they gave paid him lip service, make a whole lot of sense in LaFleur offense…


I think Gute has his eyes on players on the rise rather than the top ones. Look at last season with the Smiths. The Bears backup ilb fits the bill would be extremely cheaper than Marteniz.

I really think that Bulaga is too slow and the wrong body type For the blocking scheme. Guy that they brought in at the end of the season Ashlie did better than him and was a more athletic.

I think that Williams may be brought back if at a cheaper rate.