Packers pre draft interviews


Jeff Gladney, CB, TCU
Height: 5-10. Weight: 191. Arm: 31.88. Hand: 9.25.
40 Time: 4.48.
Projected Round (2020): 2-3.
3/14/20: Sources say Gladney has real cover skills to run with receivers and prevent separation. If he were a little bigger and didn’t have off-the-field concerns, he might be a higher pick. Gladney has the speed and athleticism to run the route, but big wideouts give him problems, making catches over him or walling him off on routine possessional routes. Thus, Gladney could be a better fit as a nickel corner in the NFL.

Gladney totaled 31 tackles with an interception and 14 passes broken up for 2019. In 2018, he had 41 tackles with two interceptions and 13 passes broken up. He also had two interceptions as a sophomore. Gladney could stand to fill out his frame for the NFL.


Josh Jones, OT, Houston
Height: 6-5. Weight: 311. Arm: 33.63. Hand: 10.13.
40 Time: 5.27.
Projected Round (2020): 1-2.
4/11/20: Some team sources think Jones will be the fifth tackle off the board and others say Austin Jackson. Teams feel there is a big drop after the top-four tackles to Jones and Jackson, but both Jones and Jackson could get selected in the back half of the first round.

Jones put together a solid 2019 season and was a very good pass protector for Houston. Some team sources say they like his potential for the NFL. Jones has good size with length, athleticism and agility. He is not overpowering, and could stand to get stronger. Jones dropped weight prior to his senior year, which helped his conditioning but hurt his strength at the point of attack. There are some parts of Jones’ technique that he could work to improve on for the pros, as sometimes he can bend a little at the waist, and in the NFL, it will hurt him to be sloppy by bending at the waist rather than the knee.

It might best for him to start out his career as a backup, but he has the ability to work his way into being a starting tackle. Some feel he should be a right tackle in the NFL. Multiple team sources say they graded Jones in the third round, so some teams are much lower on him even though he will be a first- or second-round pick.

8/17/19: Jones was the starting left tackle for Houston over the past three seasons. He has some size to him, and his run blocking is ahead of his pass protection. Some team sources have projected Jones as a potential pick in the back half of the 2020 NFL Draft.


Jordan Love, QB, Utah State
Height: 6-4. Weight: 224. Arm: 33.13. Hand: 10.63.
40 Time: 4.65. Projected Round (2020): 1-3.
4/4/20: Love had a good workout on the field at the combine, showing his arm strength and athletic ability. Team sources voted him the most overrated prospect for the 2020 NFL Draft, so he may slide lower than where they hype suggests. In 2019, Love completed 62 percent of his passes for 3,402 yards with 20 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. He had some buzz about being a pro prospect coming off his 2018 season, when he completed 64 percent of his passes for 3,567 yards with 32 touchdowns and six interceptions.


Leki Fotu, DT, Utah
Height: 6-4. Weight: 330. Arm: 33.88. Hand: 10.25.
40 Time: 5.15.
Projected Round (2020): 3-5.
3/21/20: Fotu had 28 tackles with 1.5 sacks, two passes defended and a forced fumble in 2019. Team source say Fotu is a quality nose tackle and run defender, but he doesn’t have the pass rush to be a three-down player in the NFL. They view him as a two-down stuffer. That projection was given further confirmation at the Senior Bowl.

6/29/19: Fotu is a heavy nose tackle who is a tough run defender and occupies blockers at the point of attack. In 2018, Fotu had 33 tackles with three sacks. His best fit could come in a 3-4 as a nose tackle or heavy five-technique.


Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor
Height: 6-2. Weight: 206. Arm: 33.25. Hand: 9.25.
40 Time: 4.38.
Projected Round (2020): 2-3.
4/4/20: Mims had 66 catches for 1,020 yards with 12 touchdowns in 2019. He was decent at the Senior Bowl and helped himself with a fast 40 at the combine. While he has received first-round projections, there are teams that graded him on Day 3.

8/17/19: Mims hasn’t gotten a lot of attention, but he has been a solid receiver for the Bears over the past two years. As a junior, he made 55 catches for 794 yards with eight scores. He was even better as a sophomore with 61 receptions for 1,087 yards and eight touchdowns. Mims has good size, and the question will be how well he runs. He did get picked to be on NFL teams’ preseason watch list.


Nice post… I wish there was tape widely available…


Thanks. It seems like they’re looking at second and third round caliber players. Giving the appearance that they’re only going to stay in the first round and pick for a last resort.


As you say, that seemed to be the way I thought early too. It comes down to what they really are looking for in terms of impact or need. When you trade down, two things have to happen. You have to have a partner, and you have to have some ambivalence or belief the player you want won’t get picked until you draft.

This is a very different draft.

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That’s why I’m thinking they’re looking at some of the guys in the round one as emergency picks. But I’m hoping that somebody that they really want falls.


Very strange draft.

I am not a huge fan of Jalen Hurts either. They may be looking at another big name. Interesting contrasting players.

On the first round, trading down could probably net them 5 picks in top 4 rounds, the problem is a lot of teams want to move down.


Love reminds me of Hundley. Not a fan of Hurts either. I thinking that if a player slips that the Packers don’t need is the only way the Packers will be able to trade.


Gute said that Tramon Williams future will be determined after the draft. This might open the door for a corner to be drafted


Yeah you are right. He talked about trades too. I think corner, falls in, behind WR and Ol. Corner could be higher than DL, pretty likely it is, but lots of smoke. I think there are people to keep an eye on… Ezra Cleveland, Josh Jones, and Ruiz from Michigan. All are apparently highly thought of by NFL people. I really like Reagor, Ayuik and Shenault. But really who knows, could see them move a lot. He said one think I thought was strange, he talked about maybe getting fewer players glancingly which seemed to suggest trying to get up. I don’t think they would trade up in 1 for a WR. I also think with what they want in a WR, keep an eye on Duvernay. I won’t be a 1 and more likely round 3 or 4.

But in the end no one on the outside has much of an idea about this draft.


King did fairly well last year, I was thinking he might be the replacement for Williams. I think that there is a lot of screen that is going on right now. I don’t see a move up because there isn’t too much difference in the type of players that are available in that spot as slightly up in the draft. They would have to go in the top ten but I don’t think Gute is going to give up that much since he has a ton of holes. I have been hearing a little more about this years Josh Jones, IDK. They could use the help protecting Rodgers. Mack in the division.