Packers Playoff Picture (just for fun)


Call me crazy, but if the Vikings lose tomorrow, I think the Packers have an actual chance at the #6 seed. It would require the Packers to win out, and the Bears pose a real threat starting next week. Now, to be clear… I don’t think the Packers will get there, nor do I think they deserve to. But for fun I wanted to take a swing at predicting the odds which I think are much higher than 3-6%.

Right now the Packers are behind the Seahawks, Vikings, Panthers, Eagles and Redskins. I looked at each teams opponents and took a prognostic approach and here is what I came up with. If the Packers win out they finish at 8-7-1. The biggest challenge --I already mentioned is first on deck in the Bears, who just held the Rams to 6 points. If the Pack does it’s part here is what else is in the way.

P.S. if the Vikings win tomorrow then you might as well stop right there. The odds would be hugely in favor of Seattle and Minnesota getting the last 2 spots.

Seahawks: Vikings, @49rs, Chiefs, Cardinals (guess 3-1) Final 10-6
Vikings: @Seahawks, Dolphins, @Lions, Bears (guess is 2-2) Final 8-7-1
Panthers: Saints, Falcons, @Saints (guess is 1-2) Final 7-9
Eagles: @Rams, Texans, @redskins (guess 2-1) Final 8-8
Redskins: @Jaguars, @Titans, Eagles (guess 0-3) Final 6-10

In this scenario the Packers would miss out via tie-breaker to Minnesota. But i’m not convinced the Vikings are capable of winning more than 1 of those games, any more than I am that the Packers can win out. So there you have it. I don’t think any of this will happen, but I can at least see a scenario where everything falls into place and the Packers get in. I remember several years ago, Seattle snuck in as a 7-9 Division winner and they beat the Saints in the first round. This is a whole different scenario with us trying to get the last seed and going on the road, but until we are mathematically eliminated I will do my best to keep hope alive and enjoy the games we have left.


I was thinking about this as a possibility last night as I watched the game. You have broken it down beautifully.

If the Packers were to pull off such a scenario resulting in making the Playoffs, it would be difficult to argue that Philbin should not become Head Coach.

However, like you, Jeff I don’t see that happening. The Bears will be jacked up to beat the Packers this coming weekend. We have owned them for so long. They have to be frothing at the mouth to be able to put the final nail in our coffin. Plus a 3 seed for them is better than a 4 and they likely need to win out to position themselves to secure that.