Packers part ways with McCarthy's Permanent Latrine Orderly (Associate Head Coach) Winston Moss


Packers part ways with McCarthy’s Latrine Orderly Winston Moss. A good move because he was the biggest cancer on the team and isn’t even a player.


Give him a toilet brush. Better late than never. While it is short term chaos, great move let the Indians know the sheriffs mean business.


I also like this move. About time.

Should have canned him a couple of years ago though.


Indeed I think McCarthy tried to get his coaches hired by giving them new titles and also trying to keep them happy to as they were not moving up. Moss was a serious cancer and was kept to fill the void of Kevin Greene as the emotional sideline leader.


Think about it Moss is a half wit, the moment MM his protector goes he bitches no one holds 12 to account. That basically is an indictment of MM his protector, and the entire org who has paid AR this massive deal. I think the guy needs to be medicated, he is an angry mess…