Packers Injury Report is Already Terribly Long



Was there any changes in trainers and conditioning coaches? Injuries have been rampant for many years now.


Do we have any data that the Packers are routinely having more injuries than other teams? I don’t know that that is necessarily true, as I’ve seen plenty of other teams have horrible injury issues. We just seem to end up with them hitting a single position group…

I would say, it does seem our medical staff might be more cautious than others, holding players out of extra practices or out an extra week, etc but those are the types of precautions I prefer we take.

Well, and for the first set of practices with guys likely still recovering from off season surgeries or treatments, etc that list doesn’t seem that long at all… Especially as cautious as we are at this point of the season. Most of those players have more value being in the meeting rooms than on the field at this point anyway.


It’s super-cautious time, as they want all the guys fully fit for the training camp/preseason coming. No need to push guys to tough out any injury, at this time. I’m sure many of the injuries listed wouldn’t keep a player out, if they were in the regular season.


Injuries are a part of a game that is purposely played to the physical maximum. So injuries will always exist in playing football. It does seem at times that the PACKERS have more than the norm. It would be unique if Matthews & Perry could play this entire season injury free…


It seems like it is always the same injuries like hamstrings.