Packers have signed Byron Bell


Timing is everything. So they move on Bell 29 who has a fair amount of starting experience at RT and can play RG. They have a bunch of people who could play RG so not exactly a vote of confidence after a body of offseason and the first OTA in Spriggs or Murphy. We will see, but Spriggs is battling not so much for a starting job, as more and more a roster spot.


Journeyman who has started but nothing spectacular


Yeah, just some veteran depth, some insurance in case Bulaga isn’t ready and none of the young guys step up is my guess. And yes, I don’t think this is saying good things for Spriggs, though both Spriggs and Murphy are coming off of injuries too.

But he HAS been a consistent starter in these league, started all 16 games at RT for the Titans. Maybe he’s actually making Bulaga expendable, not just to step in until he’s healthy?


They were interested in Bell a year ago. And since Bulaga refused to take a pay cut? Who knows. Bulaga is set for life and I know he doesn’t intend to play forever, he is banged up, but he still refused to rework, so it should be interesting.

Teams generally go again after drafts and OTAs when they are either not certain what they have or want to light a fire. Think it is obvious they felt compelled to add to the TE group. I would say Bell is filling a need they perceive after fully considering what they have. No way to view this as a vote of confidence in any of their right tackles. But it isn’t a given either that anyone gets thrown to the curb now… I just think the sand in the glass is getting lower for Spriggs…


I’m glad that the PACKERS signed B.Bell. He has experience & that’s a positive that the other RTs lack. I have been questioning taking Spriggs since TT picked him. Since of all the available Ts in all the college divisions were available & he was the choice. ???


Gute seems to be the type to erase the mistakes of TT so far.