Packers go fruitloop in FA


No more sitting on your hands in FA for the Packers. Today they look to have acquired:
RG Billy Turner (from Broncos) 4yr, $7m pa
Edge Za’Darus Smith (from Ravens) 4 yr, 16.5m pa
Edge Preston Smith (from Redskins) $13m pa
S Adrian Amos (from Bears) 4yrs $9.25m pa

Nick Perry released.
No this is not April fools day come early, it really looks like it has happened.


Holy crap that got both Za’Darus Smith and Preston Smith. Adrian Amos is a really good upgrade. Who is Billy Turner? Not exactly a name from what I recall. I guess it is an attempt to help the Guard position.


Billy Turner is an OL who as far as I know was injured in 2017, but in 2018 he played plenty of OT for the Ravens despite his best position being at guard. He must surely be favourite (at this time) to take that RG position, because you don’t give a backup guard $7m pa. I have a feeling he might be a touch better than Lane Taylor.


I like all of the pick ups also.

So, it looks like #12 could be a real interesting pick. They could go after a top WR.