Packers at Raiders Pre-Season 2018


Please discuss here:

Will Rodgers play during this game or will they sit him?

Will Moore finally come to play?

Will Gute discuss a potential trade for Mack (Which I highly doubt).


Sit him


From what I have read, Aaron will sit, along with some of the other starters.

Packers have quite a few things to sort out. For one, who are the back-ups for the OL? So far no one is very impressive. Although I do like Murphy. It looks like Spriggs just isn’t getting it. Bell does not impress me and I don’t know too much about the other back-ups trying to make it.

I’m really hoping that Moore finally follows the ball all the way into his hands and makes some plays. If he can’t get over the drops, I don’t know what they will do with him.

Although MVS was pretty quiet in the last game, I hope he gets more chances this week. I am pulling for St. Brown but haven’t really seen him do too much in the games. Hopefully he provides some action tonight. And of course, Kumerow. I hope he makes it.

Time to see what Alexander can do. I’ve heard talk that they will be trying him out as punt returner. If he works out, that could be the end of Davis…I’m not really going to miss him.

This is a late game and since I live in the mid-west, I won’t be watching the whole game. Will watch pretty much of the 1st half.

Sure wish MM would let Kizer start instead of letting Hundley take it. We know what Hundley can do…I’m still not impressed. Oh well, that’s why we watch the game, right?:grinning:


I really don’t think Moore will have a role this season but EQ and MVS might.


I also think Kizer should have the chance with the starters to show what he has.


First drive. Allison is finally trying to make the team.
Moore actually caught a pass.
Hundley throws to the wrong shoulder of Kendricks causing a drop.


Hundley is looking to his good old form tonight. He should have been benched earlier in the game and not allowed to play until half time.


Moore made the easy catches which he dropped previously. Now the harder ones, he had hands of stone. I guess it is progress.


Jaire Alexander baited and got the interception.


Kizer should have been in the first half. He was put in with an OL that he barely had time to make a read.


I waited 24 hours as I wanted to reflect on what I saw. The good is the young corner play across the board, wr and Scott. The bad though is the ol. If Bulaga and any other starter can’t go they are in real trouble. Spriggs and Murphy are not NFL caliber. Without going into all their weakness, Gruden did the Packers a favor by exposing just how incompetent they are. They have to do one thing, block the passer and both have regressed markedly from 2016. There is no reason whatsoever to not cut these two now.


I think that the team over all was looking like world beaters which isn’t a good thing in Pre-Season. This is a good experience for the team overall for the regular season. I do question the line, maybe they can pick up some better players once cuts start happening.