Packers Are as Strong As They're Going to Be


For the Rams. Everyone possible back at practice. If they get beat badly augers badly for the season.


In terms of health that may be true. However I disagree that this is as “strong” as they are going to be…

On offense our 3 top receivers are all guys that have been here for some time. (Adams, Cobb, Allison). As the season goes on I would expect Graham, and the 2 rookie WR’s to keep getting better and understand what Rodgers is looking for. Our offense could keep getting better each game, even to the elite level of the Chiefs, Rams and Patriots.

On defense Pettine has a good understanding of his players, their strengths and weaknesses and has 6 weeks of film to grade. Having had the bye week I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes some adjustments that will reduce the broken plays, and maybe tighten up the red zone issues to some extent.

If those 2 things happen (obviously no guarantees) then we could be a much stronger team by the end of the season. The main thing is we need to survive this murderers row of games without falling completely out of the Playoff race.